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  1. Followed the guide for asus eeepc 1000h, but no hardware core image, is it working on yours?
  2. Same error here, but works... Can't you just ignore?
  3. Tried Many Install DVDs, Still No Luck

    Try boot using the boot menu from your bios(some machines is ESC key, others F9 or F10...) Works for me.
  4. I already have 10.5.3 downloaded, do I need to download again via Zephiroth's software update?
  5. Random Boot behavior

    Help! What else can I look for????
  6. Random Boot behavior

    I made a comparison of Load kext from each boot, but I can't figured out the problem
  7. Random Boot behavior

    My Mac Os(leo4Allv3) sometimes(20%) boots fast, and works well and sometimes(80%) boots slowly and without mouse and keyboard, only works with usb ones System specs: Notebook HP DV6110BR Sempron 3400, Nforce4, Geforce 6150 EDIT: Attached The system.log of a good boot and a bad boot. bad.zip good.zip
  8. I was having the same problem, fixed changing primary boot device to XP and using tboot notebook HP DV6110br, I didnt have sure of the interfaces of Cdrom and Hd