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  1. [Half-solved] Dell N7110 aka Inspiron 17R

    Snow Leopard 10.6.3 to 10.6.7 will work without any hardware acceleration. (GE=NO !) After updating to 10.6.8 you'l never see the desktop anymore! KP at startup or reset. Tested with latest Chameleon and Chimera Bootloader and all combination of kernel flags/GraphicsEnabler etc... Lion 10.7.0 runs with hardware acceleration on Intel HD Graphics 3000.... but you have to deal with stretched screen (half screen visible) and artifacts! Same behavior with Hex-String or Chimera GraphicsEnabler=Yes (After Nvidia Unknown 0MB NVc1 was found.. wait 1-2 mins, then it will find Intell HD 3000 and will go on.) Dell Notebooks (N7110+N5110, perhaps others too) can only Boot MBR formatted HDD's !!! Use MBR-fixes on OS X Installer ...[url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] Legacy Bootcd can startup Snow Leo 10.6.3 Installer...(GE=NO) ...Chimera 1.5.4 can startup Lion / Lion Installer (GE=YES or GE=NO...same result.. QE/CI and stretched screen) Changes between GE YES and NO: (0x01168086) GE=NO... Intel HD Graphics 3000 384MB GE=YES...Intel HD Graphics 3000 Mobile 384MB Without DSDT fix this wouldn't be a very useful system anyway. (LID, HPET, WAK, GFX0...) I'm going to sell this {censored} and buy an XPS 17 L702X...This one works without any trouble. Cheers. PS: Alps Trackpad (N7110+N5110) works on Lion. No gestures anyway, only standard movement and touch-click. EDIT: 10.7.1 Update solves the artifact problem. (GE=YES or GE=NO) But the stretched screen is still present... GRRR
  2. [Half-solved] Dell N7110 aka Inspiron 17R

    Same here too.... N7110 has many ACPI table errors. A06 Bios 210 and A05 Bios 201 errors. My Inspiron 17R configuration is: i7-2630QM 2.00GHz 6GB DDR3 1333MHz Toshiba 640GB HDD Intel HD Graphics 3000 + Nvidia GT525M 2GB BTW...the N5110, Inspiron 15R has NO ACPI table errors and Lion is running fine with custom DSDT!!! i5, 4GB, Intel HD Graphics 3000 + ATI 6430M (using Intel GFX) Here are the DSDT files fot N7110 BIOS A05...untouched...with 201 errors... original_DSDT_N7110_A05.zip
  3. Nvidia GTX 295 support

    Yoannez, DSDT with sleep fix....for your P6T from tonymacosx86 http://www.flynflip.com/Hackintoshing/ASUS_P6T.html
  4. Nvidia GTX 295 support

    i will take a look at this. have no monitor sleep activated. i'm using computer sleep mode which is working just fine. EDIT: I can confirm this freeze behaviour with monitor sleep! (10.6.7=10.6.6 + downgrade drivers/opengl from 10.6.4 + Monitor at DVI-Port). 10.6.7 had no driver update. Is it caused by the downgraded drivers from 10.6.4? or is this a "all-time-SL-295-bug" ? I will try it in a fresh installation... will test on 10.6.0 upwards to determine where it gets f**ked-up. Cheers.
  5. Nvidia GTX 295 support

    My Installer for GTX 295 Support in SL 10.6.5 and above. (tested with 10.6.7) Fully working with CUDA and OpenCL in 64-bit. It downgrades Driver and OpenGL Framework. http://www.kexts.com/view/970-gtx295_singl..._and_above.html Cheers
  6. Trust Ultra Small Bluetooth 2.1 USB Adapter, Model No. 16008 (http://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B001MYLB74/ref=oss_product) works like a charm under 10.6.4 + 10.6.5 with MM. Sleep, PowerButtonWake, MM-BTWake, AluKB-USBWake. All works perfectly. Just adding VEN-ID / DEV-ID in decimal to IOBluetoothFamily.kext/Content/PlugIns/BroadcomUSBBluetoothHICController.kext Used 100% DSDT-Mod for my GA-EP35-DS3R rev.2.1 (ICH9 identified as ICH10 (USB+SATA) plus SleepFix ....).
  7. FakeSMC - kein DSMOS mehr benötigt!

    ergänzung kext utility für S/L/E mkext tool für E/E (mkext erstellen - arch-i386 für 32bit / arch-x64 für 64bit Leo) greets mf
  8. Um direkt auf den Punkt zu kommen. Sporadisch verweigert der Finder Dateien per Drag&Drop zu verschieben/kopieren. Dies tritt nur nach starten von Multimedia Dateien wie Musik und Filmen auf. Ein neustart des Finders behebt das Problem. Eine intensive Google, Insanelymac und OSX86Project Suche ergab keine Treffer. Bin ich wirklich der alleinige Problemhalter? Dies wäre schwer zu glauben. Bin alle Release DVDs durchgegangen. Überall das gleiche sporadische Finder Problem. Nach Hardwaretausch (Mainboard/Grafikkarte) keine änderung. Wo liegt das Problem? Sonst läuft alles wie gewohnt 100%. Und ja, ich kenne mich schon was aus cheers, Förn EDIT: Es lag an Parallels Desktop Build 5600 !!!!!!!!!!!!!! MfG Förn
  9. Muse Pocket LT on Leopard

  10. Muse Pocket LT on Leopard

    The Hercules Muse Pocket LT USB Audio Device runs out of the Box under Leopard 10.5.x Just select USB Audio as Output. Change Stereo to Multichannel 5.1 and 2ch-16bit to 6ch-16bit. (Audio Midi Setup in Utilities) That's it. Have Fun greetz Förn
  11. ATI Radeon HD pkg installers 10.5.x & 10.6

    would give head for an mobility hd driver think about it men cheers, kay ps.: i'm not a 5 dollar crack whore
  12. ATI Radeon HD pkg installers 10.5.x & 10.6

    I have a ATI Mobility Radeon HD 2400 512MB (95c9) and would like to join in testing. -MacFoern My Hackbook Pro:Samsung R60Plus (R60FS04) CPU:Intel Core2Duo 1,8Ghz CHIPSET:ATI RS600/SB600 Chipset AUDIO:Realtek ALC262 Audio RAM:4GB RAM G/C:ATI Mobility Radeon HD 2400 (M72/0x94c91002) 512MB DDR3 ETHERNET:MarvelYukon 88E8039 WLAN:Atheros AR5007EG WEBCAM:Vega 2.0 USB HDD0:Samsung SATA 320GB (WinVista+WinDATA) HDD1:Western Digital SATA USB2.0 500GB (OSx86+OSX86 Backup+OSx86DATA) OSX86-DISTRO:iATKOS v4.0 (10.5.4) SATA-Controller needs DeviceID; AUDIO working with AppleHDA-Patcher (In+Out); WLAN+LAN needs DeviceID; PATA+WEBCAM ootb
  13. MacFoern 100%Installer v1.0 ---------- - - - - - - - - - - - - FULL SYSTEM & SINGLE COMPONENT INSTALLER ---------- - - - - - - - - - - - - SUPPORTED MAINBOARD: MSI-7358 v1.1 Fab.D SUPPORTED CHIPSETS: Intel 82801IR/IO/IH (ICH9R/DO/DH) 6-Port AHCI SATA Controller (All internal SATA-Ports 1-4 / 2 eSATA Ports) Marvell 88SE6111 SATA/ATA Controller (1 internal SATA-Port 0 / 2 internal ATA UDMA Ports) SUPPORTED GRAPHICSCARD: nVidia GeForce G80 8800GTS 640MB DDR3 PCIe (EFI Boot String) SUPPORTED ETHERNET: 3COM 3C905C-TX 10/100 Fast Ethernet PCI SUPPORTED PLATFORM: Leopard 10.5.2 JaS (PC_EFI_V8 + Apple Graphics Update v1.0) Update to 10.5.3 via Kalyway 10.5.3 ComboUpdate or JaS 10.5.3 Update. Needs to reinstall ICH9x drivers!!! KERNEL: Kabyl Kernel 9.2.2 (Sleep / Reboot / Shutdown) Apple Vanilla Kernel 9.2.2 (No Sleep / No Reboot) USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! DON'T BLAME ME FOR DAMAGE OR DATA LOOSE INSTALLATION GUIDE: BIOS CONFIGURATION: Plain AHCI/SATA mode for maximum flexibility. Disable OnBoard Intel 82566DC-2 Gigabit Ethernet. (not supported by OsX86) Disable OnBoard Intel HDAudio Realtek ACL888 8Ch.Digital. (not fully supported by OsX86) INSTALL DVD: JaS OsX86 10.5.2 INSTALL OPTIONS: -GUID-Partitiontable -Netkas PC_EFI_V8 -Apple 10.5.2 Graphics Update v1.0 -Reboot using JaS OsX86 Install DVD. -Press F8 and type "rd=diskXsY" at Darwin Bootloader to boot from HDD. (X is Drive-N°. / Y is Partition-N°.) -Complette Installation. -Install MacFoern100%Installer v1.0. (Full System or Single Component Installer) -Delete AppleIntelPowerManagement.kext from "/System/Library/Extensions" Folder. -Repair Extensions and finally reboot without DVD. -Press F8 and type "-v -f" at Darwin Bootloader to force rebuilding MKEXT. -Have Fun with your flawlessly working System USB/FIREWIRE-AUDIO: Use an USB/Firewire-Audio alternative to have fully working Stereo/Multichannel InOut. OnBoard ALC888 is crappy and makes the system a little bit unstable!!!! (AppleHDApatcher + ALC888*.txt) (No Input, only 2Ch. Digital/Analog Output + unstable) => NO 100% SOLUTION !!! TESTED BY ME: -Hercules MUSE Pocket LT USB 5.1 (OOB) SHOULD WORK TOO: -Soundblaster Live! 24-Bit External (SB0490) -Zalman ZM-RSSC External USB 5.1 Sound Card -CN-126 USB to Audio 5.1 Adapter -SWEEX External Sound Card 5.1 with Digital InOut USB2.0 (SC004) -Turtle Beach Audio Advantage Micro 5.1 USB -Digitus 5.1 USB (DA-70770) -Creative Audigy 2 NX 7.1 USB -Focusrite Saffire LE Firewire -Griffin 4019-FIRESS FireWave Sourround Sound for Macs DOWNLOAD LINK: http://rapidshare.com/files/119043525/MacFoern100pro_install_package.zip.html (25MB) ICH9x/Marvell 88SE6111 Kombo Driver might work on other Mainboards too. Try my Single Component Installer and cross fingers SPECIAL THANKS TO: JaS/Leo4All-Team for their great distributions, Netkas for his SMBIOS & PC_EFI, DuNe for his ICHx research, Sander for telling me that Marvell IDE is now supported, BugsBunny for his list of external sounds that work, the whole InsanelyMac Forum for support, Sebbo for being by my side and making coffee and TOOL & HURT for providing me with good music Please feel free to add comments or problemreports. GREETZ MacFoern