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  1. looking to go from my working system 10.12.6 to High Sierra. Is it difficult to upgrade? I have a current 1080 ti nvidia card thats working fine.
  2. hey guys, my system using this guide has been working great for awhile now on 10.12.6. now when i select the Boot macOS screen it won't boot into my os anymore just dark screen now. I can only get to to screen where i need to reinstall OSX. **seemed to get it to boot, selected verbose on options, screen flickered on startup, had to select my nvidia driver and restart** thanks for this thread
  3. has been awhile that i have been following the thread. My 10.12.6 system has been working fine gaming 7 board instead of 5. and using 1080ti. Is it safe to do updates from app store or will it mess things up. Might try to do a 10.13.6 new install on another ssd since i heard its stable. thanks for this thread
  4. i am also holding off updating to high sierra as i understand there are no current working nvidia drivers for 10.13.13
  5. how difficult was it to update to high sierra i also have Gaming 7 also. did you update through the app store?
  6. is it possible to edit the config that was supplied in this tutorial to autoboot on startup or have a countdown?
  7. great thread lots of information. My audio in rear out is working fine on my Gigabyte z170 Gaming 7 board 10.12.6. but like others unable to have control with the keyboard volume slider. audio shows that i have voodoo driver installed. do i add apple and lilu kext to OTHER folder to make the volume control work? currently it is empty. this is the current Apple and Lilu kext in my Clover, 10.12 folder. AppleALC.kext.zip Lilu.kext.zip
  8. looks like from researching, seems to be a common problem with the Gaming 7 and Creative sound. volume slider no working.
  9. nitty917

    Gigabyte Z170X - Gaming 7 - Success Hackintosh

    have this same mobo audio works but i cannot control it with slider? anyone know what i should do?
  10. would it matter if i have the z170x Gaming 7 Creative sound enabled board? thanks for the reply
  11. sorry to keep coming back to this thread. my audio is working fine on the audio out port. it shows voodoo installed. noticing the volume slider does not adjust when i am using the keyboard or on screen slider. it moves. but does not decrease/increase the actual sound.
  12. awesome thank you. i will read into it. Have you overclocked this build at all?
  13. new motherboard looks nice, wonder how the reviews will be and who builds their first hackintosh on one.
  14. does updating bios improve anything? i don't want to take the chance of messing up system if its already working fine. and has anyone updated to high sierra in this build without any issues? thanks again for the great guide.
  15. just wanted to say thank you to OP for this thread! I was having issues with my 6700 skyline and z170x gaming 7 board. followed this thread and used the supplied clover folder and everything worked well.