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  1. Yup, been using it for a while as well as trying sleep out and it is working amazingly well!
  2. Yes, it works perfectly. Thank you!
  3. Awesome, thank you! I just tried sleep but I don't think its working. The screen turned off and the computer stayed on. After a few seconds the PC looked like it rebooted so I hit enter and I was at the login screen. BTW, I forgot to ask, what were you testing with the new drivers?
  4. Thank you! Everything is working perfectly. When it comes to minor updates am I safe to update since everything needed is already in the kexts/other folder? What about major updates? Also since my problem has been solved, does the Mark Solved button mark the comment or the thread as solved?
  5. Yes, I used your clover folder for both the USB Clover install and the HDD Clover install. The wifi is working but the bluetooth is not. I tried both methods but neither got bluetooth to work. On my previous install I used the two kexts you gave me as well as 2 kexts from this: https://github.com/the-darkvoid/BrcmPatchRAM The kexts I used were: BrcmPatchRAM2.kext BrcmFirmwarePatchRepo.kext This is what got wifi and bluetooth working together. Should I give those a shot? I have also attached the ioreg. Ricardos-iMac-ioreg.zip
  6. Hey, I just installed High Sierra using your clover folder after having installed Clover 4369 onto a USB stick along with everything else. I'm not sure if this is because of your Clover folder (configuration) and drivers, I'm sure it is, but that install was incredibly fast in comparison to my previous installs. Absolutely painless. It booted passes the apple logo in less than 30 seconds and it installed in about five. Previous installations took about 30-45 minutes this one took less than 5. How did you do it? What do I have to learn to be able to troubleshoot and configure future systems like this? Also, am I free to install Nvidia drivers or do I have to add anything else. Same goes for wifi and bluetooth, what do you recommend I should do to get those up and running properly? And again thank you for all the help.
  7. Ok, thank you. a new driver? sure I'll test it. I'm about to do the fresh install now. What do I need to do?
  8. Awesome, thank you. Can I use that when I do my fresh install or is that only used later when adding additional kexts. Also do I need an SSDT or DSDT patch? is that required? I'm about to do a fresh install but that's the only thing I'm unsure about as I've seen people say you need a DSDT patch to have your system running properly and and same for SSDT. I currently have clover with kexts and default config.plist. I was planning on doing a completely vanilla install then editing the config after I install clover onto the HDD.
  9. Yeah after many reinstalls and google searches I realized that all I really need to do is install OS onto USB > Install Clover onto USB > Download kexts and add to appropriate folder > configure SMBIOS (still unsure if this is 100% necessary) and config.plist > add additional kexts to S/L/E or L/E and thats it. I would really rather not have to redo do this as I already have All my usual programs installed and ready to go but it seems that I may have to.
  10. I followed this guide to install Sierra: http://www.rampagedev.com/install-mac-os-x/ after I got it to install I then used the follow up guide for post-installation: http://www.rampagedev.com/downloads/haswell-dmg/ while following the post installation guide I chose the standard non-nvidia plist due to being unable to upgrade to High Sierra from the App Store. After a few installs and reinstalls of Sierra I was finally able to install High Sierra by updating Clover and kexts and making sure that I did not have any Nvidia related things installed. After I booted into high Sierra I followed this guide to install Nvidia web drivers: https://hackintosher.com/guides/properly-install-nvidia-drivers-high-sierra-10-13/ Everything was pretty much functional so then I used this guide for iMessage: last thing I needed to do was get wifi/bluetooth working so I bought this an AzureWave Broadcom BCM94352HMB from amazon and followed this guide to get it working: https://github.com/the-darkvoid/BrcmPatchRAM I figured this shutdown problem was minor so I left it till the end. I guess I was a bit wrong. Also thank you for helping me I really do appreciate it.
  11. Ok, I have tried both my EFI/Clover folder with the kext replacements as well as the DSDT patch and your EFI/Clover folder with my config.plist only (what I am currently using). I had no success with either. I then followed your previous posts instructions however I was already using your EFI/Clover folder with your provided kexts so I didn't remove or add anything since everything was already in place. I just reinstalled/updated clover (already up to date) and then I ran kext utility once and rebooted. I booted in fine but still encountered the pop ups which I ignored like last time and tested shut down. Unfortunately, I was met with the same output and reboot as the above image I linked. When the system rebooted I tried to shutdown from login screen and that rebooted as well. When I put it the screen goes black but my pc stays on. If I move the mouse or hit enter on my keyboard it turns on to the login screen. Could there be something wrong with my config.plist?
  12. When I boot, this is what I am met with https://imgur.com/a/94GfN I also attached the ioreg file ioreg.zip
  13. I replaced the files. However this did not fix the issue. When I shut down this is the output I get from -v before the system reboots https://imgur.com/a/Ugilh When the system boots again I get a pop up window telling me I shut down the system because there was a problem.
  14. The DSDT.aml located in clover/acpi/origin/ correct?