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  1. nerdalertdk

    Mac Pro Mod - Finished

    Yeah, on medium speed it is, but planning to change them when I get the time, my cpu is OC to 3.6ghz so need them to run at medium speed on low it gets to hot
  2. nerdalertdk

    Mac Pro Mod - Finished

    LOl what ?
  3. nerdalertdk

    Mac Pro Mod - Finished

    Now i'm done
  4. nerdalertdk

    Mac Pro Mod - Finished

    Hi, Thanks Having an full-ATX card in a mac pro case, you need to cut there is no room otherwise. right now there is about 40-60mm room for the motherboard card, top to bottom. Plus making the back with out cuts is alot of work compared to cutting it out and fitting a motherboard tray Yes the side door closes like a real mac Hi, Well the cables I original ordered where out of stock so, ended up ordering some white sleeving for my front cables and made them my self.
  5. nerdalertdk

    Mac Pro Mod - Finished

    Hello all I just upgrade to a Core i7 hackintosh and wanted a case there ware more fitting the my old Powerhack G5 case This will be a worklog so stay tuned for more pictures as i get the parts home. Hardware: MB: GA-X58A-UD3R (Rev2/FF) CPU: Core i7-930 / Corsair H100 Ram: 12Gb (3x4Gb 1600Mhz) GFX: 2 x AMD 6870 1GB CrossFire Wifi: AR5BXB72 with Adapter IR: Infrared Sensor part nr. 922-7195 HD: 500Gb(OSX), 60GB SSD (Windows) PSU: Chill Innovation CP-1000M Parts: Case: Mac Pro pre 2009 Motherboard tray Sry for bad quality the next picture will be better Update: 15/09/2011 After some trouble with shipping and box size, my Motherboard tray is finally on it's way Update: 19/09/2011 Just ordere some sweet cables Update: 22/09/2011 Received my motherboard tray today, so startede to disassemble the mac pro case. Got the middel plate of, was a son of {censored} to get off. Need to cut a hole here for PSU, Front panel cables Removed the PCI card frame Cut down the Sata cable, because i'm going to use a full ATX motherboard the last two sata slots a blocked :/ Update: 09/01/2012 Finally found time to cut out the back, I really like how it turned out. All most done with the back. Here it is i'm really happy with it Now it's time to get the motherboard mounted. And the PSU is now installed Update: 10/01/2012 Allmost done. The H100 is a {censored} to get in and out put there is room Only need to make and connect front audio and USB then i'm done
  6. nerdalertdk

    G5 Case Mod v2 for SBS 2011 Standard

    do OSX support Perc5i ?
  7. nerdalertdk

    MAC PRO Case mod project with EATX motherboard

    Can you boot osx from the Dell PERC 6-i RAID card ?
  8. nerdalertdk

    Project: Mac Daddy

    Link to sjop/buyer
  9. nerdalertdk

    Keeping the cpu cool

    Not true, my old cooler was a "Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme" and the idle temp was 45 degrees with the H50 its 35
  10. nerdalertdk

    Keeping the cpu cool

    i have a Corsair H50 and its greate
  11. nerdalertdk

    RAID 5 setup questions

    RocketRAID dos not make drivers for there internal raid cards to snow leopard http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=208003
  12. nerdalertdk

    RAID 5 setup questions

    There is no raid drivers for ICH10R so you have to get a raid controller
  13. nerdalertdk

    Best Hardware for a Powermac G5 Case Mod

    Se my worklog Its all running 10.6 nicely
  14. nerdalertdk

    ROCKETRAID 2310 - 4gb ram

    Dont buy rocketraid, they only support externals raid cards in osx 10.6 nad is not planning to make drivers for there intenal ones http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=208003
  15. nerdalertdk

    Mac Pro (early 2008) - some questions

    It's temp sensors and Wifi antenna