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  1. Hi, this driver works on my D630 with Lion 10.7.2. Big Thanks! BUT: When i transfer larger (about 20gb...) amount of data the interface stops communication. The Interface seems like up, but nothing is going through. I'm using VMware Fusion. Maybe there are problems with the bridging? ValHalla
  2. Hi, the unlocker works great on workstation 8, well.... Only the mouse is a little bit spuky. Sometimes i have to press buttons two times and more. Also on option boxes. When i move the mouse from one option box to another and click again the last clicked option box goes on and off. Looks like the computer moved the mouse cursor, but the click position is still from a second before. Maybe i take the wrong darwin.iso to install vmware tools? Where can i find the right darwin.iso for workstation 8 os x lion guest? Thanks, ValHalla
  3. Hi, i sucessfully installed iDeneb 10.5.5 on my Latitude D630. It takes a few days time of trying, and it is a little tricky i think. On my D630 the iDeneb installation works with Bios A14. At the bootloader you have to press F8, then wait about 60 seconds! or there will be kernel panics. then type "-v" and press enter Now boot stops at IOAPIC Vectors 0x20.. At this point it takes 2 to 5 hours time. Looks like a bug. After this time the boot process goes on into a kernel panic or into the installation menu. I go this way few times, but its working. Then i installed with kernel 9.4.0. After that i go into save mode, and deleted all AppleIntelGMA* kext. With "-x" and "-f" it is possible to start in Vesa Mode (or something native). Then i installed the "sleepdisplay" script as login item in my account. started one time to avoid the internet software warning on next boot. Then i installed the combo update again, to make my wifi working. I used the pre and post method from "combo_update_patches.1.2.0" In post patches i dsiabled everything. but i need to install the PS2 fix "Test2" two times. I have to connect external usb keyboard and mouse to do this. To make the GMAX3100 working i let the drivers from combo update 10.5.5 installed, but change the AppleIntelGMAX3100FB against the AppleIntelGMAX3100FB from "D630 installation posting" from insaelymac. Otherwise you got a black screen with only a mouse visible. Now QI/QE is working. Sometimes while i working on it i had to type my password blind, because in safe boot leopard ask for the password without activate "sleepdisplay". Now i run my system with kernel version 9.5.0. I have to go on with install sound support, but i think it will be no problem. I have leopard 2 times installed on my harddisk, one as rescue system. Ones i updated the rescue system with latest apple patches the system doesn't boot anymore because there where a kernel panic. So make backups before applying patches from apple. Sorry, about this short incomplete description but it was heavy to install ideneb on the d630. Val_halla Interesting english. Is'nt it?