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  1. Hi All I'm looking to build an iMac Pro Killer Hackintosh. I do a lot of Graphics (Adobe CC), Video (FCP, Adobe CC), Music (Logic Pro X) and also coding (xCode, and Web) I need the new machine to be relatively cheap to build, certainly no more expensive than a top line iMac system, but (hopefully) as powerful and as well spec'd as a top line iMac Pro. My concern is that somehow, Apple will be able to tell on App Submission that I would be no longer using an Apple Product? so .... Please advise which components I should purchase (Full List would be appreciated), and if possible links to UK Amazon, or preferably Overclockers UK) RAM : 64GB (Minimum) or 128GB (Preferred) HDD : Will be multiple 1TB SSDs (System will be Dual Boot (256GB minimum for each OS and apps plus at least 2 x 1TB Data Drive per OS) CPU : i7 or Ryzen 7 Optical : DVD Writer, no BD needed System MUST be Handoff compatible, iMessage working, Ethernet (1gbps) and WiFi.
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    Hi All I'm going be building my first Hackintosh in the next few weeks, Im sure I'll be asking a lot of N00b questions, but the iMac 27" I have is slowly beginning to creak and show its age. I do a lot of graphics and video manipulation, and also iOS application development. Off to complete part 2 of the quiz, and then to start on the posting in the Buying lounge.