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  1. Has anybody had any luck with sharing their itunes library? I have a Hackintosh with the iTunes library shared, and a real mac mini both running leopard 10.5.1. When I reboot the Hackintosh the shared iTunes library shows up on the mini, but when i connect to it, (from the mini) it disappears after 30 secs or so. I can still do the "Connect to server" thing and browse the Hackintosh's hard drive BTW. I have read threads about enabling Multicast mode on my router and/or opening the ports for itunes, which I have done, but the share always disappears. Is this a Hackintosh problem or just a problem with leopard in general?
  2. FS: P4 820 dualcore & Intel MoBo

    Would you be interested in trading your CPU for this...? http://forum.osx86project.org/index.php?sh...view=getnewpost
  3. I am looking to sell or trade my modded Xbox system. This Xbox comes with 10 games, (pm me and i'll list them) and a X2vga (v2) High Def adapter that will allow you to hook up your xbox to most PC monitors and get High def output (like 480p ,720p ,1080i) Also the X2vga will allow you to connect your Xbox Via Digital Optical S/PDIF connection to your computer or sound system. As stated the xbox has been modded. Xbox live still functions. I can prove it if you like. The chip also has the ability to "detect" Xbox live and stop the machine from connecting to it. As well you can copy Xbox games to the hard drive and play them with out the Disc. you can install linux and surf the web with it and a big butt load more. Also I have the Xbox mic and heaphones, as well as the Xbox advanced AV pack. Not realy sure what I could get for it (money wise) but if someone is interested in it let me know. If you have something like electronics that you want to trade for it, let me know. thanks
  4. No success with installing with patched DVD..

    Wouldn't that CD/DVD NOT be patched? Shouldn't you have to apply the Maxxuss Patches to it? Also I think that 10.4.4 has to be installed from a 10.4.3 system to a different hard drive or partition so the patches can be applied.
  5. Windows Vista 5308 is now available

    these are the files i used. Rename extension.... [Mod Edit - Don't post torrent's please.]
  6. Dual boot with Acronis Bootloader

    Thanks Mk14. Unfortunately I did not make this back-up. I did however find out why Acronis OS Selector was not working for me. I use a KVM switch to switch between my built in graphics card(for OS X) and my add in card. (geforce 6600 for my Windows install) For some reason the KVM switch causes Acronis to freeze up. I have installed Acronis after unhooking the KVM completely, and everything works as it should. Oh well, I have not booted into windows for weeks now so i'm not to conerned about my loss of everything on that drive.
  7. Multiboot error with Acronis...

    LOL. Hey no need to apologize for being french! LOL
  8. Dual boot with Acronis Bootloader

    Acronis (OS selector 8) F#$ked up my Windows Drive! It (acronis) was resizing the widows partition and froze at the very end. I let it go all night. In the morning that resizing screen was still there. I pushed the reset button and now my windows drive won't boot. Anybody else have this problem?
  9. To DMCA or not to DMCA..

    Just a thought here. I was reading some information on this DCMA stuff lately. I have read that it is a crime to circumvent the protection that companies use to protect their product. But this does not make any sense to me. I once wanted to take apart my nintendo 64 (long time ago) and discovered that they used special screws that I had no screwdriver for and that they "hide" screws under stickers and what not. (Xbox as well) They purposely put these protections in place to stop you from taking apart their hardware. As far as I've been led to believe it is not illegal to take apart something that you have bought, even if it has protective measures in place to try and stop you from doing it. So my point is, how can the law men say that it is illegal to circumvent the protective measures that apple and other companies (like Microsoft's DRM) use to protect their products? If I take apart my Xbox and break it, I have no warranty. No law broken. I know that OS X has a EULA that you must agree to, but it should just be a case of if you break it you lose all support for it. Not you break it, you break the law! In other words, if and when 0S X for intel becomes a retail product by itself, I should be able to buy the software, break it open and install it on my non-apple hardware. I own the physical disk, I should be able to "take out the screws" and see what makes it tick.
  10. Good Point DrJägermeister! I don't have(or use) a notebook. but I imagine that you just don't slap in another hard drive and install your favorite OS.... Has anybody tried Acronis OS selector? I have used it to dual boot my Win/linux machine before with great success. Just a thought.
  11. Why do you people want to dual boot anyway? All I do is hit F8 when my computer finishes it's POST, (to get to my "select boot device" option. (Yes I know that not everybodys mobo has this feature so don't flame me!))and then pick the drive I want to boot from eg. my Windows drive, or my OSx86 drive. No messy dual boot promblems at all! Just my two cents......