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    Well... Im kinda new

    you should search the forums first. try the compoents compatibility chart in the wiki no one will hold your hand throughout your install http://wiki.osx86project.org/
  2. what ^^ said.. you need to boot with your dvd. and during the install process (right after the agreemtn contract) click op tools -> disk utility make a mac journaled ext and exit. afterwards your install should be a breeze
  3. sapient007

    Intel pro wireless + x86 10.4.3

    to my knowledge, no one has it working with 2200 has advertised it so far. many ppl migrated to a dell 1450 for ~20-30 bucks and it works out of the box with IO80211Family.kext as well as giving you a 802.11G boost.
  4. sapient007

    Maxxuss Tuning for 10.4.3 8F1111/8F1111A

    my xbench fot ui is still in th teenss..
  5. sapient007

    ATI drivers

    the files you want to delete will only solve a openGL problem while opening up application and i think it pretains to the radeon 90xxx series in most dell lappies
  6. i've figured out the application crashing problem.. can anyone tell me if i need sse2/sse3 patch by maxxus>> tx
  7. thank for the reply. since i did not know the password?? it was never set during the install (10.4.3 F1111A), i ran a sudo -cp command in the readme file of the aforementioned .gz file. However upon reboot, i still don't see any network settings (in system perfence -> internet/network) that will allow me to tweak tcp/ip settings. is it safe to assume that drivers were not installed?? can anyhow tell me what the default root password is?? tx
  8. this def is a newbie question. why do i get this message when trying "sudo make install"?? " we trust you have recied the usual lecture from the lcoal ststem administrator. it usually boils down to these theree things: 1. respect the privacy of others 2. think before you type 3. with great power comes great responsibility passoword:" ~confused~