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    Clover doesnt boot on Asus Vivobook

    Yea, i tried to boot into clover 2 ways, first off straight from bios by adding new entry pointing to the clover efi file(tried both, BOOTX64 and CLOVERX64 efi files) but then i just got black screen, 2nd way, when i boot into rEFInd it autodetects the clover efi and when i try to boot from there i get the text in the image, so basicly same as straight from bios. And clover install seems to be working fine since virtualbox can boot into it. I installed clover by creating 512mb partition with gparted at the start of the installation hdd with fat32 and esp and boot flags checked and then copied all all the files from rEFInd and clover iso-s(except BOOTX64 for clover, so it wont overwrite rEFInd) i have tried deleting rEFInd and using only clover but still no luck. And my laptop doesnt support legacy boot, ONLY uefi so that wont be a problem.
  2. So I wanted to install OS X onto my vivobook E403SA and got installer almost to boot via rEFInd by fiddling with the boot flags, but not quite. I am pretty sure i need clover to get it to work properly, but clover doesn't even start. When i go through (uefi) bios it will just hang on black screen, through refind its basicly same but it doesn't even delete the messages that refind writes on the screen(booting with flags '' or smth like that). And it is set up correctly cuz i can boot into both, clover and refind in virtualbox(physical usb disk as boot disk) and i can boot into refind with my vivobook. I have also tried older clover versions, but still have same issue. Any kind of help appriciated