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  1. I'm trying to get DVI>HDMI working on my system. I have a BFG 9800 GT 1G video card. I've done a lot of reading and all it has done is confuse me more. I think this is the route I need to take, but your DTST.aml looks different than mine. I don't know where to put the NVCAP values in my file or even if I'm using the correct method to fix my problem. Can you please help, or at least point me in the right direction? Thanks very much. P.S. I've included my DSDT.aml
  2. nVidia 9800 GT 1GB DDR3

    If I use your file, will DVI to HDMI work? I only have DVI to VGA working only.
  3. I have the same card with the same problem. Anyone find a solution for this yet?
  4. I too have this problem. I replaced NVDAResman.kext and NVDANV50Hal.kext (6.0.6 versions) from 10.6.2 with 6.0.2 versions from 10.6.1 as suggested. I was able to boot into the system, but resolution is 800 x 600. I lost the option to select another resolution. My video is configured with DSTS.aml and my card is 9800 GT 1G. Do I need to do something else? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
  5. I’d like to know the proper way to install with Kakewalk. I’m new to this and have done extensive reading which has left me more confused do to the amount of conflicting info here on the site and others on the internet. This is my problem… I wish to dual boot with SL and W7. I have a separate hard drive for each. Which OS do I install first? I’ve tried various methods but usually end up with the BIOS freezing at DMI Pool. I’ve read that I should install W7 first. I’ve read that I should install SL first. I’ve read it doesn’t matter which OS is installed first, as long as the first OS install is unplugged before installing the 2nd OS. I’m confused. What do I believe? How to I proceed with dual boot on two hard drives with getting a DMI Pool freeze. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. This is driving me nuts. Now I can't boot into system, stuck on DMI pool. All I've done is an install with BootCD v1.07 with the updated DSDT generic 5. I'm really getting frustrated. I can't even get a basic system working. Did MORE reading, tried flashing BIOS - no change. I've reinstalled everything so many times. Please help.
  7. Did the ripple test, chess test and front row test...all worked. blue screen occurs with all resolutions.
  8. Yes. power button on the PC. If you mean: com.apple.boot.plist, then yes it is enabled. I also set the PCiRoot to "0"...nothing changed, so I set it back to "1".
  9. I changed PCiRoot and nothing happened. Checked your link - no longer supported or developed. System began acting funny (probably because of all the stuff I was doing) so I did a fresh install. This time there was more resolution choices, so I changed the resolution. I get the blue screen still. When I press the power button it looks like the system has turned off. If I press the power button or hit enter on the keyboard OSX opens up (it didn't reboot) I'm presented with the new resolution. System info shows my video card with the correct ram size. I rebooted the system and OSX came to the blue screen, so I hit the power button and the return key. OSX is there with the previously selected resolution. I did a few tests and QE/CI seems to be functioning. If I do video injection, will that correct the power button/keyboard issue? I did some research, and this site seems to be having a lot of success with string injection. Will I have to make any changes to my current installation before exploring this option? http://aquamac.proboards.com/index.cgi?boa...&thread=509
  10. <key>PciRoot</key> <string>1</string> Should I try 0 ? I have no idea what OSX86Tools changed. It was a selectable icon. I tried using it again, this time I get an applescript error. I want QE and CI working somehow. Should I have been able to change the resolution on my system from the files provided on BootCD or updated files? If need be, I'll reinstall everything. I'll stay away from installing things I don't understand.
  11. When I installed and looked at preferences, there was only one choice for resolution. I looked online for a solution (which seems to be many) and decided to try OSX86Tools. I selected "Enable/Disable Quartz GL", now I can select resolution in preferences. When I do, the system jumps to the blue screen. Then I press the power button, the system looks like it turned off. Pressed the power button again and the resolution I selected is displayed. Also, I have to go through this now on every reboot.
  12. Fixed the booting issue. Not sure how. Is there a way to change the resolution of my 9800GT 1G. I tried using Ox86Tools and it caused another problem...I get the blue screen after boot, when I press the power button it looks like the system is turning off. I press it again and OSX opens up with the new resolution. Every time I start the system I have to do this. What should I have done? I've done a lot of reading, but once again I don't understand what I'm looking at. Can it be fixed, or do I have to reinstall (again).
  13. Didn't work. It boots and stops because the BOOTMGR is missing.
  14. First I'd like to say thank you to blackosx for sharing his hard work. The guides are very detailed and helpful. I presently have two issues I haven't been able to resolve. Mostly because I'm new to this and don't understand the different methods, nor how to implement them. 1. I followed blackosx's guide "Part 1 - Preparation - v1.1" which detailed creating various partitions on a single HD (disk0). No problems, install went well. I have a 2nd HD (disk1) which I've installed Windows 7. After installing Windows 7, it boots in straight away. I've looked at several solutions, but they have been for single HD without blackos's partition settings. I don't know what needs to be done in OSX Terminal (or any other solution) to allow Chameleon to load. 2. Also I have a Nvidia GeForce 9800 GT (1GB) to get configured. Again, I've looked at various solutions and don't know how to implement them. Since I installed Windows 7, I've only been able to access SL with the bootCD. I'm assuming the bootCD is loading a basic setup to gain access to OSX. So any changes I will make to the video won't be viewable until I fix my booting (Chameleon) troubles. Any advice or solutions will be greatly appreciated.