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  1. I have a DELL PRECISION M6700 w/ the AMD/ATI FirePro M6000 (FireGL V) Mobility Pro Graphics mGPU. There seems to be many users attempting to get around the lack of support for this mobile GPU chip in OS X, mainly the new Mavericks DP1 release (10.9) - I have tried all the different framebuffers by setting the AtiConfig boot flag, along with numerous display port numbers, but still had no luck. Some other people with the same chip were talking about modifying the video firmware in the VGA BIOS, but I don't want to do that until I can completely understand what it is I am actually changing - I am comfortable with modifying the VGA BIOS of NVidia chips, because I've used nibitor and other tools a lot, but haven't even heard of a user oriented ATI BIOS editor. I was just wondering if anyone has had any luck getting this ATI card working on any version of OS X, preferably in reference to a hackintosh install/intel machine. Please let me know if you have any pointers. I would greatly appreciate any assistance!
  2. BUMP! I also get the same exact scenario. There's a line that begins with EFI... and I think there might also be a line under that two, but it reboots too quick. The furthest I've gotten was with any boot parameters, was with -x, but it just went a little slower and then eventually restarted. Pretty annoying, as I successfully have vanilla only kernel on my G1Sn Notebook and it rocks - even got QE enabled. I want to setup the same multiboot system for my Sister on the house PC. I've already got Windoze on 1st partition of 1st HD and Mint in an extended partition on the 2nd HD. I've tried unhooking the 2nd HD just in case, but it didn't help. Next I'll try putting some blank space in there two, because that helped with my last PC's OS X install for some reason... Here's my configuration emachines C3060 AMD Sempron 3000+ (Barton Chip) nVidia nForce 2 chipset GeForce4 MX Integrated GPU/VGA Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Actually, I think I can see part of the problem - the selected Boot entry in darwin says the 31st HD! WHAT! "hd(31,0) Kalyway 10.5.2 DVD Intel_Amd"
  3. mcurran

    Nvidia 9500M GS (NOT RESOLVED YET)

    [sOLVED] The newest NVInject works perfectly. I do not know how to edit previous posts on this forum, sorry.
  4. Come on Kabyl; If you just finish every mobo ever made, I'm sure you'll go down in history!
  5. Kabyl: http://rapidshare.com/files/105762425/G1Sn202AS_mod.zip.html (WORKING) You created this BIOS and it works perfect (friggin' awesome). Once people start to calm down with their Core fix requests from you, do you think you could edit this BIOS again so that the fan speed takes into account the GPU temperatures as well. The fan speed on ASUS notebooks is controlled by the CPU temps., so people with the G1 and G2 and other gaming notebooks are pretty much out of luck when we need to OC our GPU's and keep them cool. Please let me know if this type of fix would be possible without removing the CPU temp. correlation, so that if either the GPU or CPU get above a certain threshold, then the fan is adjusted accordingly. I know there will be a lot of happy users for this fix, and when it comes to editing BIOS'es: There just isn't anyone that knows anything about it, especially me. I was going to see if there was anyone else that might help, but then I remembered I would lose my OS X (vanilla kernel!) multiboot, if I didn't have this specific BIOS adjusted. So if you could accomplish this, you would be a lifesaver. Thanks, Mike
  6. Title should be Vista + Ubuntu + OS X with GRUB + Darwin Loader. Is it possible to have grub boot the vanilla kernel directly?
  7. Do not use the G1Sn BIOS kabyl or whoever created - I lost 3000 marks running a standard benchmark test w/ 3DMark06 - Yes, Kalyway installed perfectly after the patch, but when I went back to Vista and ran my gaming tests... YES -3K 3D marks!!!
  8. mcurran

    Nvidia 9500M GS (NOT RESOLVED YET)

    Will this enable the QE on 9500M GS? How can I find the Info.plist file? Do I need to delete the Nvidia KEXT's like he said two?
  9. Hello, does anyone know if there's a driver/support available for the 9500M GS card, now that we got 5.3? It has the G84 chipset and I would think this card is supported; however, QE is not enabled out-of-the-box with NVInject 512 w/ 10.5.3. I even have the Kaby modified BIOS for my G1Sn, but have been looking everywhere and cannot find any answer to this. Somebody please help! Another question which probably needs a new thread, but I was wondering if we can skip the Kaby BIOS mods for our ASUS notebooks w/ Kalyway 10.5.3, since you can choose cpus=1 option as a default allocation during installation? I know this would correct the problems with the CPU aliases anyways, but I'm not sure if dual core support would be enabled if I go back to the original BIOS and use this new option... Maybe if someone could just show me a link which describes a standard install for 10.5.3 for the G1Sn, or maybe the M50Sn and I'd be set. God knows I've been searching to no avail. I know it's really early for any notebook specific guides on 10.5.3 already, but I'm desperate and I'm so close to finishing off this awesome new toy (Multiboot G1Sn-B1: Vista64, Leopard, and Linux Mint). By the way - I'm a complete noob to OS X, nevermind OSx86. Please don't refer me to 10.5.2 or lower guides for the G1S, because that's irrelevant. Thanks in advance! I need someone to hold my hand.