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  1. KEXT ALC662 FOR YOSEMITE fully working everything

    That's the only one that works here! Thanks!
  2. Before I do that, anyone have AppleIntelSNBGraphics.kext ORIGINAL from 10.10.3? I just wanna to make one test, I don't know where to find on internet! EDIT: Ok. I'm using the original AppleIntelSNBGraphics.kext, but when I run the "nm -arch x86_64 AppleIntelSNBGraphicsFB | grep 'D _PlatformInformationList'" command I don't get any response... I already changed SMBIOS on Clover config.plist, but that doesn't help... This tutorial don't work here :/ EDIT 2: Ok, I'm using modigliani patch and I managed to see the hex table, now I'm gonna try to make it work... Let's see =) EDIT 3: Didn't work... Ok, I think there's no solution for this... Some guy says that is a Clover problem... I will try Chameleon, but in my machine Chameleon don't even shows up... It keeps stuck on "|"... EDIT 4: Successfully installed Chameleon... The same thing happens. No solution for this problem... XD
  3. Still not working... I disabled optimus on DSDT/SSDT method, using this tutorial: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/298027-guide-aio-guides-for-hackintosh/page-2?do=findComment&comment=2030047 Now I'm using the DSDT without the optimus disabler patch, but that's doesn't make any difference. I used the iAtkos Y (10.10.3) version. It's a modified specifically for my hardware, in fact, it's the only one that I managed to install on my laptop (Believe me, install directly from App Store is IMPOSSIBLE) hahahaha The saddest thing is that EVERYTHING is working, and I have a really good performance (WiFi, Bluetooth, Brightness, 3D Acceleration). But I'm having these freezes, which makes the hackintosh unusable :/ I'm uploading my DSDT that I'm using now (without NVIDIA Optimus patch) and the original DSDT (Untouched). Didn't work... :/ DSDT-Patched.zip DSDT-ORIGINAL-UNTOUCHED.zip
  4. I did what you said, I had the same freeze, but the error message was slightly different: Now it says "Debug info for *possible* hang in BLT graphics engine" and not "Debug info for *possible* hang in MAIN graphics engine". I don't understand this difference... But the freeze was the same...
  5. Ok, I'm using a Intel HD 3000 + Nvidia Optimus 540M, I was successfully disabled the NVIDIA card, but I think my Intel HD 3000 is freezing up my computer... The screen is freezing EVERY TIME I play an 1080p video and sometimes with random browsing... I can't even use Skype and my Hackintosh freezes... I'm not using NullPowerCPUManagement anymore, I'm using an EDID patch on Clover, SpeedStep is working and I everything (except this) is working fine... I think this problem don't have any solution, but it's fair to at least try. :/ That's the console error when it freezes:
  6. LG A520-5500

    Não obtive sucesso até hoje... no meu Desktop foi fácil, já que é tudo compatível, mas no Note não dá =/
  7. LG A520-5500

    I tried everything, but doesn't work.... I think this Notebook is not compatible =/ Em PT-BR: Eu tentei de tudo, mas não funcionou... Acho que esse notebook não é compatível PS: Se alguem conseguir fazer funcionar me avisem! =D
  8. Fala aew pessoal! Beleza? Tive um probleminha aqui... Bom, instalei o Kalyway, tudo rodou perfeitamente, estava eu lá desfrutando do Mac. Só que do nada apareceu uma mensagem pendindo para que eu reiniciasse o PC... eu reiniciei, só que agora ele nao passa mais da tela da "maçã"... Eu tinha acabado de instalar o layout do teclado ABNT2 e tava instalando o VMWARE... Alguem sabe o que possa ter ocorrido?