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  1. Personally, I think that when people say "This model doesn't work" is like saying "This Mazda6 doesn't work". What I'm saying is, though they are the same model, there are a lot of parts that can be different. I suggest you put in your signature what you have in your dell. I'm sure then other people with the same configuration could help you out. Just my two cents...
  2. ATM, I haven't seen a reason to update my 10.5.2 install, it seems to be giving some problems...It probably be smarter for me to just wait for a big update... In addition, I don't want to be a bother, but did any one experience my camera problem before?
  3. sorry to keep bugging, but has anyone had any problems with their camera? Mine is really slow, like I do something and its a blur on the screen...Also, photo booth crashes...any thoughts? Thanks.
  4. How would we know what kext we need to backup? also, is there really a need for this update? not that many improvements just bug fixes...right? 12123 did you search for your drive in the forum? --EDIT-- Nevermind, I found a way to backup the kexts and kernel...
  5. so 10.5.3 is working under kalaway? im using the sleepkernel...does that matter?
  6. What drive do you have? Sound and Sleep are one and all together for me, no sleep, no sound. Get sleep to work, and then you will more than likely get sound to work. NVinject works amazingly well for me, no problems whats so ever. What card do you have? IMHO, use the kalaway dvd, its the only one that has worked for me, make sure that what ever you install on the DVD you don't install from an external source like the dell package in the first post. hope this helps.
  7. http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=107344 Warned against installing haha...just wait for a bit IMHO
  8. I forgot what kernel I am using, I will need to find out how to backup first haha.
  9. In need of a How-to we are (yoda). I think ill backup my install to my ipod before I update, its all going to well.
  10. WOW, I didn't know that it was out already. I would wait until there is one released for our hackintoshes, or for a guide.
  11. I would like to know this also, Never had os x longer than a few days. haha I kinda gave up on using my media remote for front row, but I have a pocket PC phone that I can use with salling clicker. I had used that before, but had forgotten how well it works. Check it out, if you need help with acquiring it :-) let me know.
  12. Sorry about the misconceptions of hibernate and sleep...and deep sleep...and beauty sleep...haha I was more kinda forgetting this is mac world...rather than windows world...
  13. No, I wasn't able to figure out front row...but with the prograqm called proxi or something like that...I was getting close. There was an option to make the computer think you were using an airclick or what ever its called...It looked really promising. look at that one, I am currently in the process of installing/downloading Iatkos v2.oi. The kalaway cd was giving too many problems. I will join you on our quest for front row in a little bit hahah.
  14. If you were messing with butler, make sure that you didn't leave some type of key stroke that makes the left arrow the page down button. I remember we were trying to change the FrontRow keys.
  15. What kernel did you install?