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  1. cuthead

    Clover General discussion

    me too,but did you know clover is duet?
  2. yes,no off topic. 从我的 iPhone 发送,使用 Tapatalk
  3. cuthead

    Flashing screen after 10.12.4 update

    I can not see set color depth in my option,can you share your option?
  4. Radeon HD 6670 with UEFI GOP fix the boot resolution problem but does not fix the wake problem.
  5. cuthead

    "iWork" and "iLife" for Free

    Great,I tested the lastest free iMovie and Numbers,they works very well.
  6. 10.12.4 iMac10,1 without usb inject.
  7. finger whistling is curl your tongue

  8. cuthead

    Hello everybody!

    Thank you Micky1979,you are great man,by the way I love pasta.
  9. cuthead

    No sound and confused

    https://github.com/vit9696/AppleALC https://github.com/toleda/audio_CloverALC https://github.com/toleda/audio_RealtekALC
  10. cuthead

    10.7.5 log in screen turn to black

    solved log in screen turn to black from dp change to dvi?you ask in 07 January 2017,you sell 6870 in 05 Feburary 2017,so you should using mini dp when you post this.I do not know if hdmi works on Lion.
  11. replace my config.plist with this one,no problem,this is not related.
  12. cuthead

    After 10.12.4 , my pc graphic works wrong

  13. I changed config.plist somewhere I do not know,the problem maybe solved. incomplete drivers64UEFI folder