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  1. My call with Apple Support

    That is absolutely, positively, hilarious! I just had to send this to my friend who works as an Apple Genius in the local store.
  2. Repairing MBR

    Hmm.. Didn't even know you could do that. Nifty.
  3. Repairing MBR

    Of course. Start out by putting your installation disc in and booting the machine. When it gives you the boot prompt for the installation disc hit F8 and type in rd=diskXsY where X is your hard drive number which starts at 0, and Y is the partition number of your OSx86 installation which starts at 1 (i.e. mine was disk0s1). Once you boot into the OS bring up a termainal and sudo su - and type in your password, this puts you into the root (also known as superuser) account. Once you're in superuser mode type fdisk -u /dev/rdisk0 which if you look at the help options for fdisk you'll see that this command rebuilds the MBR while leaving the partition info intact. the -u is VERY IMPORTANT. Once the MBR is rebuilt, pop your installation disc out and reboot the machine and you'll be greeted with the glorious sight of the darwin bootloader once again.
  4. Repairing MBR

    Well I did an amazingly stupid thing today which involved reinstalling Windows on my dual booting FrankenMac. This of course nuked the MBR which in turn took out the Darwin bootloader. Now to normally fix this I guess you would use your install CD to boot your OSx86 partition and use the Startup Disk preferance pane to fix it. But what if, like a noticable amount of other people here, your Startup Disk pref pane crashes??? What do you do then? I asked myself this for quite a while and while fiddling with things the unix way I discovered this after booting into my installation of 10.4.5: fdisk -u /dev/rdisk0 Now what this does it it rebuilds the MBR while leaving your partitions intact, which includes putting the bootloader back. Hope this helps others cause I know I spent HOURS today searching the web and these forums whilst poking and prodding my poor Mac to get it booting on its own again.
  5. Are you sure your floppy drive is installed properly on the hardware side of things?
  6. World of Warcraft

    I've got an issue here and after ages of searching I can't find a solution. Here's what happens: I launch the installer, get the bounce but it doesn't crash, instead it gives me sound but no installation gui. Any ideas? System: Pentium D 920 Asus P5LD2-VM 1GB DDR667 MacOS 10.4.4 installed from MacOSX_10.4.4DVDPATCHED_Myz.iso
  7. remote desktop over http

    Heh, I don't give up easy, I just reprioritize. This got put on the back burner for the moment as I just ordered parts for my new mac yesterday and the weekend is going to be spent getting that up and running and then retooling two other computers I own. As for OpenVPN, yah that's out of the question as 1) I don't have admin, and 2) my work PC is owned by the military. I'll take a look at httptunnel, and logmein.com when I get a chance though, so thanks again for the help.
  8. remote desktop over http

    Well currently I have been doing the whole VNC from withing a remoted windows window, and I don't like it. It's not elegant. Hence why I'm here in the first place. And given that I want to keep the SSL website up that rules out any and all tunnelling/port forwarding, so I guess I'm back to square zero. Thanks anyway for the suggestions.
  9. remote desktop over http

    No. And what good would it do me if I did?
  10. remote desktop over http

    Currently I have https://name1 reverse proxying to Remotely Anywhere on the windows box and I have https://name2 reverse proxying to the Mac's apache server as I was testing the second name-based virtual host since Apache2 can be a little flaky at times, I've seen.
  11. remote desktop over http

    Okay.. Here's the setup at home. Dlink router has a DMZ setup to a linux server which has a webserver on it, among other things, running on ports 80 and 443 (non-ssl and ssl respectively). Now from there I'm using apache's reverse proxy module along with name based virtual hosting to allow me to connect to my windows desktop at home which is running Remotely Anywhere on port 443 (for simplicity). Now the reason for this elaborate setup is two fold: 1) It allows me to run my web server AND be able to remote into my desktop at home, 2) Work has a very restrictive outgoing firewall and proxy setup. So the trick here is basically making said webserver act as a proxy between the desktops at work (and their proxy) and the mac desktop at home like it does with my windows desktop at home. Sadly the VNC applet doesn't work because it causes the computer it's being run on (i.e. the one at work) to make a connection to the desktop at home which is stopped by the firewall at work. Hope that clears things up. Also I'm hoping that if nothing else work then the new PCAnywhere 12 will have the same web support that Remotely Anywhere has.
  12. remote desktop over http

    Sorry but that won't work and after rereading it 3 times it has no bearing on my setup or what I'm trying to do. Thanks for the effor though.
  13. remote desktop over http

    And after spending quite a bit of time fiddling with VNC I remember why I couldn't use it before to access my windows box since I have to use a reverse proxy to get to the machines behind my web server and VNC likes to make direct connections, which of course is killed by the fact I'd have to port forward around said web server which in turn would kill remote access to my windows machine as well as all ssl access to the web server itself.
  14. remote desktop over http

    So at this point I'm beginning to get the impression that I'm going to have to install VNC instead of trying to use what comes with 10.4.3..
  15. remote desktop over http

    Possibly, but (and I know now I should have posted all this to start with to avoid this) with my DLink gaming router and my web server behind it the only/easiest way to keep it up and running AND to get to my desktops behind it is through the use of a reverse proxy and name-based virtual hosting on the web server that's in the middle.