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  1. Silicon Image Raid + p5w + won't boot

    Done that, repeatedly. Must be a hardware problem. thanks
  2. Silicon Image Raid + p5w + won't boot

    jumpers are set correctly. My disk's are recognized by this controller in either windows or os x, they are however recognized by the Jmicron and Intel Controlers. Maybe the Silicon Image controller doesn't like WD Hard Drivers.
  3. Can I get some detailed advice on using the built in Silicon Image raid found on the Asus p5w-dh? I can't seem to get my os x 10.5.2 kalyway install to boot the drives connected to the Silicon Image raid chipset. Actually, the system won't boot at all with it attached. Boots to grey screen, stops loading, then fades to a black screen. if I boot with -x, sometimes it will boot, but still fails to mount the drives. Disk Utility will see it, but crashes when I try to parition it. Anyhow, verified drives and cables are good by hooking up to a different SATA port. 1. both drives are now formatted HFS+ 2. both drives are matching: same vendor, same model, same size 3. SATA cables have been verified to work. 4. have been able to boot into safe mood. disk utility sees drive, but crashes when it attempts to parition it. i Would be grateful if someone posted exactly what they did to get this setup working. How do I create raid array? I would have thought with Disk Utility, but the drives aren't visiable when connected to the two SATA ports attached to the Silicon Image chipset. Do I need to parition the drives in any specific way? Also Do I need to format it anyway in particular? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks