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  1. Can i use this now on a ATOM N270 32 bit processer Thnx
  2. Dsdt for Lg-x130

    Extremely grateful if someone could just look into the dsdt(Snow Leopard,10.6.7,Melkrot Bootloader) i have posted for error,cause Lgx130 is a more unknown notebook which does not have a easy step by step walk-through and i had to do all the dsdt and other edits myself extremely grateful for any help thank U SendMe Files
  3. Thnx Working Perfectly,updated and changed with the mediafire atom kernel
  4. AnVAL (ACPI Loader)

    can i use this on a atom processor and get speedstep thmx
  5. HWSensors project

    Mighty Kind If some1 here could look at the dsdt i have made for myself,for the Lg x130,running Snow Leopard 10.6.5,its rare that some1 else has the same net book,i tried and have done all modifications myself by learning and checking around this site and else Any Help HIGHLY APPRECIATED, Thanking U Lg X130 Snow Leo DSDT
  6. UPDATED 20.12. GenericBrightness.kext

    Both working with slider as well as the sun Plus Fn keys with appropriate dsdt modification and kext in extra Thnx, Lg x130,Snow Leopard 10.6.5
  7. dell mini 10 everything working except quartz/qi since no osx drivers for it Yet... pls check http://www.mydellmini.com/forum/general-ma...ow-leopard.html
  8. Working on dell mini 10 snow leopard.....thankU..Intel Atom z530
  9. managed to get snow leopard to boot on the Dell Mini 10 finally with the dsdt file i made my self,certain problems still exist like sleep and low audio...Culd any1 Pls help to get sleep working by editing the dsdt file ..ANY and ALL help highly appreciated Thnk U Dell Mini 10 dsdt
  10. Snow Leopard on VAIO P(VGN-P90HS) working!

    ThankU ryuu123 for the solution,mac 10.5.6 working on a dell mini 10,but problems of sleep,sound very low and crackling,and trackpad not working exit any help to get the trackpad working is highly appreciated thanku
  11. Snow Leopard on VAIO P(VGN-P90HS) working!

    using this method i was able to boot leopard on a Dell Mini 10(not 10v) but after it loads from the usb i want to install on to the 320gb in the pc(made a 15gb partition) which i find extremely difficult..could some1 explain this part maybe a guide would be gud all help highly appreciated