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  1. MSI P6NGM Problem

    I've got a 8600GT vid card and an audigy 2 for sound (and wlan) so LAN sound and video aren't a problem. The thing is that it doesn't even boot up the installer.
  2. MSI P6NGM Problem

    I followed your guide and I got the same error, just that it happened twice and it says "calibration error 2 failed attempts". I tried with an USB DVD and same thing happened.
  3. MSI P6NGM Problem

    Yeah, that too.(forgot to put it on the first post, so many stuff...) After puting -x it loads many kexts and then dies(restarts), but it does not show the last two lines. (It dies at the "Using ACPI RSDP Revision 0" line.). It goes too fast for me to see, but I taped it :censored2:
  4. Need Help

    http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=120063 You can download languages directly from apple.
  5. MSI P6NGM Problem

    Yeah, I've played with many settings... Turned HPET On/Off Disabled/enabled sata Disabled/Enabled IDE controller with No Execute ON/OFF Hyper Threading On/Off EIST On/Off IOAPIC Table 1.1 and 1.4 and also ioapic off tried underclocking the fsb to 700mhz and also overclocking to 810mhz changed date forward one hour, then one day, then one week Disabled USB/Enabled USB Disabled USB Legacy/Enabled I also tried disabling the "ACPI function" in bios but when I do that it starts rebooting right after POST so that didnt work either. None of this worked tho...
  6. MSI P6NGM Problem

    I've tried to install leopard with leo4all, kalyway and iatkos 1.0iR2 and 2.0i and none of them even start the installation. What I've tried so far: - Used SATA DVD and SATA HDD (Not Working) - Used PATA DVD and SATA HDD (Not Working) - Used PATA DVD and PATA HDD (Not Working) I've also tried those configs with pretty much all the boot up flags (nforcekernel, kabylkernel, (all the possible kernels..)(in kaly), -x -v -s -f platform=acpi|x86pc) but they don't help at all. I've tried burning all the distros in 4x and also full speed and that hasn't changed anything either. I've got no extra PCI cards other than a linksys WMP54G(W-Lan) This is the error I'm getting right after I try to start the installation DVD. After this it restarts, so it was quite hard to get an image of it(had to videotape it >_>..) My rig is in my forum sig. Any ideas?
  7. I have a p6ngm with a mcp73, the problem is that it doesnt even start loading the boot up screen... So yeah, I have a board similar to yours and I'm in trouble =D.
  8. Kabyl, can you please mod my BIOS? (msi p6ngm) (It's on page 25.) The problem I have is here I've tried pretty much anything but editing the bios, but I'm afraid I can mess it up myself; Can you please do it?
  9. David Tsu, I was following your guide to mod my bios, but when I do iasl.exe -d mydsdt.aml I get this error: Any ideas?
  10. Maybe the clock battery you're using is out of charge? I know it sounds stupid but that's the only thing that has made my settings die suddenly ever.
  11. Software Piracy

    I wont ever buy music with DRM. If I buy it's my right to use it as I wish. I'm not paying 1dollar to rent one song for 10 years until you notice that DRM sucks and take your "validation" servers down. Thats downright stealing. On the case of software, there's no way that you're going to stop piracy on third world countries(in my case, I'm in Panama.). When the average family earns less than 1000USD, there's no way that you can force them to spend 300 bucks on an operating system and 200 more on office, that is what you really want to use. It makes NO sense at all! So thats why there's so much software piracy down here. There's no money to buy stuff so damn expensive.
  12. Actually the E8500 can OC up to 4.7 on Air. Link
  13. Kabyl, can you please mod the bios for the msi p6ngm? (ms7366)) I found a BIOS here: http://global.msi.com.tw/index.php?func=do...9&type=bios Thanks for the help.
  14. Thread hijack Any ideas on how to fix my problem on page 80? /Thread Hijack