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  1. [Guide] Intel DZ77GA-70K

    adrianomm make sure you are following the steps to the "T" i got mine to work with in a few tries of messing around with the kext files, and everything i need to work works, but what i want is another thing, am having issues changing the smbios w/o my machine kp'ing. but, back to your issues, follow the directions to the letter, andif you have any questions along the way, stop and ask. i'll be happy to help as much as i can. BTW... you shouldnt have to make the extra folder at all. chameleon does it for you. or it does for me. also, make sure you are installing the kexts using a kext installer for ml.
  2. [Guide] Intel DZ77GA-70K

    did my research, and there is a driver for the wireless by ralink, i downloaded and installed the kext, and guess what... it doesnt work i am however happily typing this on my 10.8.1 build complete with dual boot windows 7 on my core i7 3770, geforce 660ti. thank you dislikeyou.
  3. [Guide] Intel DZ77GA-70K

    ok, got the sound and 8.1 update done. there is supposed to be a driver from ralink i think it was thats supposed to work. looking forward to getting 8.2 or 8.3 installed. also, anyway to change the smbios to mac pro with out causing kp in the bluetooth?
  4. [Guide] Intel DZ77GA-70K

    dislikeyou, thanks for the guide, just got my dz77 last week and i can get everything to work except for the sound and updates to 10.8.3. cant even update to 10.8.1 to do an incremanent update to .2 then to .3. any help there?
  5. ok, been messing around wrote a dsdt file in windows, and copied it over to my mac drive after fresh install. tried natit, i get blue screen, tried nvenabler, i get blue screen, i do custom efi string for 256mb vram dvi/dvi both to vga. i did notice that my video card is showing up under pci devices with the efi string i can boot -x -x32 and get proper dual display, but when i try to boot -x32 i end up getting the blinky blue screens. i've edited mv40hal and inserted my dev id (0x02e010de) as well. doesnt seem to help or impair. am i missing something?? the video card is agp if that makes any differance.
  6. Antique Hackintosh

    the 4.1 i have is a bootable install disc. in fact the first time i saw the disc work 100% oob was on a server i was building for a customer of mine (i own a small tech company). i got the parts in, and all together, and before i setup the server properly i wanted to see what the would do on a 100% intel system. that set me on the path of playing keep up with the jones and continue to use mac on various machines. i used to be a widers guy since win2.0 on my ibm pc xt 8080 processor (which i still have). i've dabbled and played with linux, beos, and other os's got my hands on an old g3 mac back in 2000 or so and played with os x, didnt think much of it, mostly due to the ppc architecture and incompatibility between the unix, ppc combo and 'dows, x86 combo. in fact last year a friend of mine gave me his old blueberry g3 for some computer work i did for him. well... i've decided to convert it to a pc running mac. how ironic huh lol. i've got the thing gutted of its crt and everything else. installed 15" nec mulitsyc lcd, old hp micro atx mobo and 1.6ghz p4. i'm setting it up so that it appears to be totally orginal, including rerouting the i/o ports to the side and a vga or dvi port on the back for external or dual display, but yet still able to be upgraded, except for the internal monitor. when i'm done with everything and ready to put it all together for the very last time i'll post pics or a video or something.
  7. a lot of people have been experiencing issues going from 6.1 to 6.2, myself included. i've gotten snow running on my studio 1535, installed from the build by dan1234, updated to 6.1 with no issues (like you) and then going to 6.2 gave me instant kp's upon reboot. i havent been able to figure it out yet, thats mostly why i'm trying to use the hazzard 10.6.2 distro on my desktop (gigabyte 8i865gme 775rh rev 2.0, c2d e7600@ghz) with proper patches and what not. so far other than my video card not working correctly (like my post states on my thread you responded to). if i can figure out's going on with 6.1 to 6.2 update, or even figure out my install of hazzard i'll be sure to post my findings.
  8. i will look more into the DSDT option. on the installer disc there's an option to install DSDT GUI. i've ran that, which to my understanding builds a DSDT.aml file based on your hardware, but that doesnt seem to help. maybe i'm doing it wrong, or missing a step so i will look into that. makes more sense to build a dsdt.aml file from windows or other os that has all the hardware installed properly. didnt even dawn on me to try nvinstaller. the nvinstaller worked well when i installed hazzard 10.6.2 on my p4 2.6ghz sse2 (presscott core i believe) w/ GF5200 Ultra agp. had to go back to leo 10.5.6 due to stability issues with 10.6.2. thanks for the suggestion. gonna finish watching my star trek and then i'll go fiddle with my machine.
  9. Antique Hackintosh

    my first experience of os x on a pc was through an emulator called Pear PC back in '04 or '05. followed that through 10.4 and making an install disc for my dad and a few of his work colleagues thanks to Prasys and a few others that worked on the PPC project. my first native install of OS X was 10.4.1 developers edition (still have the disc) running on my old AMD Athlon 64 socket 939 on my Asus a8v mobo (i think it's an a8v) which my wife still uses to this day. through help of the geniuses here i have been able to get full hardware support including qe/ci on my nvidia fx 5200 ultra. it has been a cool, long journey that i hope doesnt end. installing os x onto a regular pc has become very easy to do now. in the early days of this project i remember having to edit this plist, that plist, pulling dev id's from another os for your hardware, etc etc. i am having a slight difficulty getting snow leo to work on my current (old) rig. if you have the time, please scope out my thread at http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=212593 and offer up any suggestions that i may be missing. currently i am running 10.5.8 retail on my studio 1535 with full hw support, 2 old p4 2.6ghz sse2 machine with ideneb 10.5.6 w/ full hw support, latitude c840 laptop 1.8ghz mobile p4 512mb ram geforce 440go on 10.4.8 jas. i have had lots of other machines running tiger or leo or have had a few people request me installing os x on their machine. thats my story
  10. hey all. been a long while since i've posted. looking for some help here. i have a gigabyte 8i865gme 775 rh (rev2.0) motherboard, 2gb ddr pc3200 g.skill ram, xfx geforce 7600gt 256mb ( dev id 02e0) c2d e7600@3.06ghz . i can install tiger and leopard on this machine with no problems. just upgraded the processor from a pentium d 925? @3ghz so i can update leopard from apple. done that successfully with full hardware support. well... i want to install snow leo now, i can install snow leo from hazzard distro and i can get all hardware except for lan and video. if i select any video injector my system freezes right after ACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin::start – waitForService(resourceMatching(AppleIntelCPUPower Management) timed out. i have tried removing the appleintelcpupower kext and it still freezes. i have let the system go for half hour thinking that maybe it might boot. but it never does. i have tried nvkush, nvinjector, nvdarwin, natit. i have even tried adding my dev id into nv40hal and what not with no success. what am i missing??
  11. ok, i just killed and redid my leopard installation. i used ideneb 10.5.5 install with only the ichx fix and power management and vanilla kernal. everything else was installed via the dell post installer v3 and the usage of the unix script for bluetooth. everything works great, except for the finger scanner, sleep, and the unknowing of being able to update to 5.7. if anyone has anyone has a fix for sleep, finger scanner and/or is able to update with no problems (obviously having to reinstall the kexts for sound and what not) please let me know. thanks in advance
  12. hey guys, i wanna say thanks for all the assistance here. i have 1 retarded issue on my dell 1535 w/intel x3100 graphics. the power management decides to come and go as it pleases, and most of the time its go. other than that i have a 100% working hackbook. any suggestion on how to keep my power management. i'm running ideneb 10.5.5. dell 370 BT c2d 2ghz t5900 (i think) dell 1370 b/g, bb8900, and ethernet.
  13. ok, so i just got the dell studio 15 last week and just got everything setup the way i want it with dual boot vista 64 and 10.5. i used kalyway 10.5.2 disk with the 10.5.3 updater from kalyway. installed pc-efi v9 downloaded from osx86 island. now i would really love to run the apple updater and receive apple updates like a real mac with no problems. what/if anything am i missing before i run the updater and brick my system (again)? i understand i'll have to reinstall lan, wifi, and sound which is no big deal.
  14. Problem installing leopard!

    looking for some advice, had no problem installing Kalyway 10.5.2, everything worked great including dual screen support on my nvidia 7600gt 256. i get the iPC 10.5.6 installed and it panics during boot. system specs: intel pentium d 925 3.0ghz 2gb g.skill ddr 3200 ram gigabyte ga8i865gme mobo xfx geforce 7600gt 256mb seagate 160gb sata hdd seagate 160gb pata hdd any suggestions would be great as to what packages i should be installing. thanks in advance.
  15. i am looking to update kalyway 10.5.2 to 10.5.4/5. my system harware is as follows: Gigabyte GA-8i865gme Pentium d 925 xfx geforce 7600gt 256mb 2gb g.skill ddr400 pata seagate 160gb hdd sata seagate 160gb hdd i have tried to install the iatkos 5v, and the kernal panics. i have kept track as to what combinations of options and tried everyone that applies to my hardware. so... i reinstalled kalyway 10.5.2. any help would be great. thanks