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    Can't detect SSD when DSDT is injected

    Kernel traps at ~~~ type 13 : protection don't know it's meaning... What should I do?
  2. ross1573

    Can't detect SSD when DSDT is injected

    I changed DVMT to 64mb when using Sierra. Thanks for the tip anyway I just installed High Sierra by using my config.plist which had intelskcframebuffer patch(kexts to patch part). The problem is I can't boot on the newly installed High Sierra... It gets panic and can't figure out what the problem...(just lots of numbers came out after the kernel traps sign...) Plus I'm wondering that is it really installed or not... Some preinstaller partion came up on the clover... When I checked with the disk utility on Sierra, High Sierra is installed under hard drive named appleAPFSmedia. And there's 4 partion named High Sierra(It's the partion I named), Preboot, Recovery, VM... I wonder what is the preinstaller and VM thing is... Anyway, thanks for the help!
  3. ross1573

    Can't detect SSD when DSDT is injected

    Having problem with the iographics.(panic appears...) It says the problem is on some sort of intelskcgraphics part. Trying to figure out what's the problem. I'll post the picture of the panic sign later...
  4. ross1573

    Can't detect SSD when DSDT is injected

    Thanks! I will try it right away
  5. Hi, I recently installed sierra in my laptop. It's working pretty well, but I wanted to make my laptop real mac like. So I tried to patch some DSDT.(Speedstep, USB and otherthings) But when I try to boot with DSDT, it can't detect my SSD... So I tried with no patch DSDT(Only fixing errors and warnings.) But I got same result... Without DSDT, it's booting well. I think I fixed some errors in the phrase _SB.PCI0.SATA section. Will that be the problem?(I just fixed for no errors to compile.) Or do I have to patch anything? Thanks for the help. Errors.zip