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  1. finally 4 cores yay huge thanks MACNUT
  2. hey MACNUT i see P5E 0903 bios listed on your site, but i can't dload it... can you post it here? thanks
  3. Can all Tiger updates be included somehow in Tiger install DVD? Something like integrating SP2 into XP install CD?
  4. My G4 and Pc connected to one monitor (Westinghouse 19W). For now i'm switching between them thru the lcd's menus. Im looking for a software solution that will cause the video card stop sending a signal for a few seconds (force monitor sleep?), so the monitor will switch to the second connected interface by hismself. Also i need the same thing on PC. If someone has any ideas how can it be done, pour it here. edit: Admins, if you think that this thread belongs more to the Apps forum, you can move it there.
  5. Theoretically if...

    microBTX > G3/G4-ST,GE,DA,QS - NO-GO, these cases will fit microATX only. do you know how microBTX looks like? its upside-down ATX you can try fit microBTX mobo in G4 MDD case
  6. Taking apart a Mac Pro Keyboard

    Thanks Mash, it will be handy.
  7. apple keyboard

    You can use Apple keybs in mactel, it's fully compatable. Enable Legacy USB support in bios to be able to use keyb in boot console. If you'll use it in Windows to so know that theres no Print Screen/Scroll Lock/Pause-Break keys, and Eject key doesn't work in Win. You can grab from eBay for a low price. (avoid of buying the old ones, original Apple USB with 80-and-something keys keyboard, as u may experience problems with it on PC)
  8. all of them built around intel Napa platform based on i945PM/GM chipset (iMac/MacBook - i945PM; mini - i945GM)