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  1. themax

    WoW glitches ¿Lion?

    SOLVED, a opengl issue. Only add in text mode " SET gxApi "GLL" " in Config.wtf.
  2. themax

    WoW glitches ¿Lion?

    Hi, just installed this game in my hackintosh whit a GT 240 gx card, the frame rate is very high and smooth but the graphics have regular glitches that make nearly unplayable. The issue only apear whit WOW, other games run perfectly. Running OSX Lion GM and i dont test this game preiously in Snow Leopard, in windows 7 works OK, Any suggest? Screens:
  3. Hi!!! This work for Lion?? Any one tested?
  4. Try Natit.kext or evo-enabler.kext, both working for me for dual monitors.
  5. works nice in 10.6.4, x64 version waiting.
  6. This package works fine for 10.6.4,7288 tested. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...t&p=1469651
  7. Kx work in 32 bit mode in SL!! BONUS: Today Soundflower get a update for SL also!! http://code.google.com/p/soundflower/downloads/list Perfect transition now.
  8. themax

    ALC888 & Digital Out

    Same problem here, "codified out" not work in SL. Would this wok whit any extra kext? Actually using DSDT.
  9. Would be work in Snow Leopard in 32 bit mode?
  10. Working here, but yes, only in 32 bits mode, support for 64 bits would be nice! Thanks!
  11. New 1.2b1 beta drivers, no more kernel panics for me, 3 hours test, movies 5.1,etc... http://www.driverheaven.net/mac-os-x-driver/
  12. themax

    Mac Serial Junkie shut down?

    Waiting for re-up
  13. What a {censored} music =) No sound distort but your mp3 has to high speak and bad sound, look here
  14. themax

    UUDI 35 error

    This work for me. http://sneosx86.freeflux.net/blog/archive/...ension-fix.html