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  1. Hi, I also have an A8V Deluxe mobo and may be my experiences can help someone how has much more technical knowledge than I do. I firstly installed the 10.4.3 ISO in my system and was able to use the EHCI by patching the USB kext. So I assume that it’s possible to have EHCI in Tiger applying the correct patch to the USB kext. Then I upgraded to Leopard, now the 10.5.8 version. In Leopard now I’m able to use EHCI under certain devices and conditions with the original USB kext by a DSDT trick. I replaced the EHCI section with this one that has the proper device number of the A8V Deluxe EHCI device. Device (EHCI) { Name (_ADR, 0x90000000) OperationRegion (UFCS, PCI_Config, 0x84, 0x04) Field (UFCS, DWordAcc, NoLock, Preserve) { U584, 8 } Method (_PRW, 0, NotSerialized) { Return (GPRW (0x0E, 0x04)) } } Now If I plug in my Ipod Touch the computer will detect it correctly and work as it should without problems. Even more, while it is connected I can use any other USB 2.0 devices without problems. But if I plug in a USB stick without any other USB 2.0 device connected then the EHCI driver will hang, and stop working till I do a reset. Probably is because a problem with the mass storage kext… but I can’t find any solution to this. Hope it can help some one else… Cheers!
  2. USB 2.0 for Leopard 10.5.7

    Now I've been able to use my usb 2.0 devices but I have a strange behavior. The ipod and the usb scanner work perfectly, but the usb pen-drives don’t. But if I have the ipod or the scanner plugged in previous plugging the pen-drive, they also work. Any idea why does it happen? Thanks for your help
  3. USB 2.0 for Leopard 10.5.7

    OK, in the "a" release of Orbyte's PCgen... he said. NEW VERSION RELEASE NOTE I am pleased to announce a new version of the PCGenUSBEHCI series. Also I would like to thank to mac fly for suggesting a solution for cases where PCGen could not acquire OS Ownership due to completely buggy (i.e., ignoring OS reset request) SMI handling. The solution was to make a forced BIOS ownership reset, after all other approaches had failed. The code does therefore retain backward compatibility. In essence, this release brings us in line with the Linux 'pci-quirks' handling, and we should now be able to get OWNERSHIP after reboot on all (edit: I should say 'almost all' :-) ) systems. However, please note that there other other documented causes for non-functional EHCI, and these remain. In my archives, I have listed an 'Unable to get device memory error' with ATI SB200 - this is a completely different kind of error. Also there appear problems with the nVidia nf4 under DFI LANPARTY - which are not related to OS Ownership. These remain under investigation, with the hope that we will one day have as broad an EHCI driver as possible. Installation and usage instructions are included in the download archives. The download area is as usual at the beginning of this post. There is now in the Info.plist file, a parameter called CODE <key>AlwaysHardBIOSReset</key> <true/> This should be fine on most systems. However, if the system hangs after reboot, switch this to <false/>. Very likely, you WILL need to do this on 10.4.6 I think that this parameter is what I need to solve my problem and I think that this is not implemented in your kext, is it? Thanks
  4. USB 2.0 for Leopard 10.5.7

    Hi Slice, I have an Asus A8V deluxe mobo and 10.5.5 with voodoo kernel installed. I'm triying your kext becouse I've read that other people with the same mobo managed to have EHCI working with the PCGenUSBEHCI-261.4.2a.zip but in tiger. Is there any way of porting this "a" variant of the kext to leopard? With your kext I can see devices conected in the system profiler under high speed bus, but they don't mount. Thanks in advance for your great job.
  5. Finally Sucess story

    How did you get your sata working... it´s been imposible for me and it´s the only think not working on my system... Thanks in advance