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  1. Parallels/Boot Camp migration

    I thought about using Carbon Copy cloner, but it doesn't have support for .hdd files.
  2. Parallels/Boot Camp migration

    Seeing as Parallels now has Boot Camp support, would it be possible to copy my already existing Virtual Machine to a Boot Camp partition? I know it should be possible, but is there a relatively simple solution and/or has anybody already done this?

    I'm running 9a499 and when I try to upgrade to 9a500n, it tells me that I'm not connected to the internet; I'm obviously connected to the internet because I was able to respond to this thread. Hmmm.... Synopsis: Jesus hates me. Edit: It appears as if Zeus has overpowered christianity and allowed me access to the software update. Praise the Olympian Gods!
  4. Transfer Ipod music to my Mac

  5. You can get the student discount as long as you are a student. Supposedly you can only get one computer per year, but I don't think they have any way of enforcing that.
  6. Zune will kill the iPod - Survey said...

    I would say that will never happen. Then again, two years ago, I said that Windows will never run on a Mac. It's possible, but I highly doubt it.
  7. Racism at Apple

    iPods were white, until the U2 edition and then the Nano, and now the Video. Apple is just starting to deal with the fact that we won the civil war.
  8. Mac.Os.X.Tiger.10.4.6.X86.iso

    For some reason with this disc, the installer stops on the white apple logo screen. The circle thing just keeps rotating for about 35 minutes and then it goes into the diagnostics and says something about a read/write error. I never got that in any of the Maxxuss releases I had... Anybody have any Idea? I formatted my hd in the Apple Filesystem with Journaling enabled.
  9. Irony

    Kilocore IBM and Power.org member Rapport unveiled a new energy-efficient processor dubbed Kilocore that features more than 1,000 processing elements around a Power chip architecture. Ideal for processing images and video for mobile gaming, consumer electronics or even "suitcase supercomputing," the new Kilocore design is expected to be among the most energy efficient chips of its kind, backers said. Could Apple have switched to Intel at a better time?
  10. Boot up in Windows after installing OS X

    Try taking the install DVD out.
  11. Has anyone tried Halo demo with build 8F1111A?

    I'm not 100% sure, but I believe you can use any serial number for Halo. I remember when I played Halo for Windows, I just typed in random letters and number and it worked. They may have upped the security since then, but if you're using 1.0.2, the security should still be as basic as it was when I played. The Mac version may be different though.