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  1. Ok tried that with a clean thumbdrive still results in hang after nvdasstartup. Looks like the issue is going to be my video card. Others have had this same issue and the suggestion was to use custom kext for it but there are no posts containing custom kext for my 660ti that I can find. I think I'm gonna go ahead and stick a pin in this for now. A week of trying to simply get to the installation screen is a bit much lol
  2. Finally, the efi folder. Also yes it was set to external graphics, there is no way to set default or disable. choosing internal vs external oops ok here it is for real lol EFI.7z
  3. PCIe GTX 660TI and how do I attach my folder? screenshot or?
  4. Ok so drivers didn't fix this, setting options in the bootloader did. However, it led me to another issue. Below are 2 pictures 1 are the options I set that got me past the issue above and the other is the new issue. It loads gpu then halts without error. I tried different options under gpu but the issue remains only with different file names of course. It would seem none of the options under gpu fixes from the bootloader alleviates the new issue. http://i1070.photobucket.com/albums/u485/steve_carline1/26241219_1998900120385165_86141013_n_zpsupomls5g.jpg http://i1070.photobucket.com/albums/u485/steve_carline1/26610331_1998900217051822_1423013744_o_zpsv2zi2evb.jpg
  5. So, first off thank you for the help. It looks like I might be missing some "drivers" here. Any idea on what to do next?
  6. UEFI, Used #####, Desktop, Intel Core I5 6500 @3.2GHz. 8Gb Ram, 64bit cpu. 250gb SSD(2), 1tb HDD(0), 320GB HDD(1), DVD DL RW,8GB PNY USB Stick (Currently holding ##### install of High Sierra) All Sata. MSI H110M Motherboard. LOL and I just realized not only was this NOT where I downloaded the tool used to make the usb but its apparently expressly not supported lol. Ok, well fine. I haven't been able to get this to work using the whole unib3ast thing anyway. Anyone got suggestions?
  7. So instead of pictures and whatnot, I took a video. Basically, at the end, i get a line stating that some windows service only ran for 0 mins and its gonna push it out and wait for another 10. this goes on infinitely. I was able to fix other issues by setting options in the loader but this one I can't find anything for...