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  1. hi gents. sorry if I post into a wrong forum, but I think this one is best I was able to find here. so my problem : After last big update on 22.12. my track pad is not working at all. I wasn't present when the update happened, but I was told that "everything worked fine, but after reboot, trackpad is not working at all". I tried to reset SMC, reset NVRAM, remove old OS and make a clean install, nothing helps. trackpad sometimes works at the startup like 10-20s, then if stops. Data about the machine : Current OS - High Sierra 10.13.2 Mac BookPro (Retina, 13 inch, mid 2014) Model ID - MacBookPro11,1 Boot ROM - MBP111.0142.B00 SMC - 2.16f68 could you point me to some tool or some how to that would tell me if my HW is workig? how can I check, if my version of SMC or boot ROM is the correct one and is OK? any help appreciated.