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  1. any one on Maverick? Anyone could point me to a how too Guide for this mobo? I am trying to do what Leon says two posts above but not managing yet
  2. Great news!!! But I hope than when it comes out you guys end up with an easier way to have it running ... I can wait
  3. Love to all, well all who are still using this mobo :wink2: I ended up buying a gtx680 and could not run it in 10.7.5 so had to upgrade to 10.8.2 and just sharing how I did for those wishing to do the same. Keep in mind I am a pure 100% noob and my ex boyfriend was the one who made me this built, and if I can keep it up is just thank you you all in this tread. First I could not boot anymore from any USB stick and dunno why. Maybe I forgot to set something in the Bios when I upgrade to FH. tried on several usb sticks with chimera or chameleon either guid or mbb but nothing. So here is what I ended in doing: I had 2 partitions in 10.7 one about 2gb just fo the boot loader the other for Lion, not willing to destroy that got another HDD in and made 3 partions GUID first 2gb for the bootloader than one for the os and another about 8gb for the install files (Could not use a USB for that or I would have) I made them in this order {BootParition} 2gb {OsPartition} the remaning space {installFiles} 8gb {InstallFiles} Prepared the {installFiles} partition following this guide the only difference I pointed to a partition instead of an usb volume. Still using a working video card not the new gtx680 I installed chimera 2.1 in the first small partition then copied there the same extra I used in 10.7 (Will attach files at the end of the post). Reboot the system and press F12 at bios then select the new hard disk and boot with chimera the {installFiles} partition and install 10.8. when done it will reboot once and again F12 but this time boot into {OsPartition}. Ended up with a working 10.8 and replaced 4 kext in S/L/E/ with Kext Wizard and installed the update 10.8.2 the did again the 4 kext as before (I am too noob to figure out if it was really needed or not) and then installed these drivers for nvidia cards. Change the GraphicsEnabler to NO in org.chameleon.Boot.plist and shutdown. Put the new videocard in and In Bios placed the new hard disk as coming first for boot order and saved. Once logged in again I used MigrationAssistan to move all my stuff from the 10.7 installation. Everything, but few things, seems to work, sleep too but had not much time to test it. Things who do not work are USB3 od it does but I get just 38.5 MB/s iMessage (and I tried many online tutorial with no succes, and I am also using the chimera who is supposed to fix it but doesn't. Fell free to have a check at my files and if you find anything wrong ( maleorderbride and dougaa :wink2: ) please let me know, moreover if any of you has a good dsdt file for i7 930 please share my geekbench is about 9600 and was above 10000 in snow leopard but was two years ago and maybe cpu get older too All the files you will see attached are coming 99% from these tread I guess and are previous share buy you guys! Cheers!! Files.zip
  4. I also am running an ATI card 5800 under Lion and same build and do have random KP. I stil cannot figure it out why I know is is the GPU though from console logs. However, I don't have them at boot but while running everything freezes and only the mouse pinter can move but can't interact nor click anything. If I don't find a solution I am seriously thinking about changing the card with a newer one, anyone with this build and a GTX 680 around?
  5. Anyone on Mountain Lion? Need a step guide :wink2:. Could you guys point me to one? Thanks.
  6. @ddi

    Black Screen Issue on Lion with HD6870

    I had the same problem with my 5870 posted in here some 3 months ago. I could not rely on either the 2 DVI nor the HDMI so bought a Mini-DP and tried it and it worked Now why we are getting black screens I really don't have a clue tried to solve for almost a year and got it fixed with the Mini-DP cable. It may not be your case though, but from what you are saying is very similar to the problem I used to have.
  7. Anyone updated to 10.7.4? Is it safe to do?
  8. Hello everyone changed one of my two displays to a bigger one. Went from 22" to 27" but I don't get signal now. Everything seems fine during boot both displays are on, but the bigger one goes dark saying "no signal" at the login window. If at that point I unplug and plug the DVI cable back in the display works fine. I tried to google around but could not figure it out any advice? Would I fix it if I would buy a display port cable? I am on 10.7.3 and with a Ati Sapphire 5870. I think it is more related to the video card rather than the mobo so I posted it also on a Ati 5870 thread; ask here also in case in case any of you know better Thanks Solved by buying a display port cable
  9. @ddi

    Radeon HD 5870 / HD 5850

    Hello everyone changed one of my two displays to a bigger one. Went from 22" to 27" but I don't get signal now. Everything seems fine during boot both displays are on, but the bigger one goes dark saying "no signal" at the login window. If at that point I unplug and plug the DVI cable back in the display works fine. I tried to google around but could not figure it out any advice? Would I fix it if I would buy a display port cable? I am on 10.7.3 and with a Ati Sapphire 5870. Thanks
  10. I gave up on audio inputs (The Mic jack) long ago and went for the shortcut buying a usb mic and headphones; which works, and worked flawlessly in SnowLeopard with skype and facetime but that is all I needed a mic for. So unless you have more advanced audio input needs I guess a cheap usb mic would solve most of your audio input problems. Cheers
  11. Here too thanks a lot all but one of the problems I had disappeared, and the system is super stable I have been testing it for the past two weeks. And super thanks for this piece of advice really made me understand why many things went astray in the past Btw now I am using your SMBoardProduct ID and my SMserial is it correct? For the remaining problem I am still left with a puzzling AHCI not behaving as I expect. I got some snapshot taken in the past weeks of my Bios settings and see if I can explain what is going on. I have all internal sata ports set to AHCI in the Bios but 2 of them keep being detected as IDE and are the Sata 3 (Gsata 6 and Gsata 7 in the manual) I have all internal ports used and I also use 1 eSata external one. I did not consider it a problem till I got myself a SolidStateDrive and tried to use the Sata 3 port for it; it won't run there since it is not AHCI. As you see in the bios as it starts it detects 2 HDD as IDE then it goes on detecting the rest and it does detect the normal 6 stata ports and then the GSata 8-9 plus eSata (Did not take a screenshot of the last two ones). After that the bootloader gets control... I am really left with no option here any insight would be welcome. cheers ScreenSnapshot.zip
  12. Thanks do we have to reapply this:> Got finally on the Lion bandwagon myself too and have still some problems to sort out. First thanks to maleorderbride, dougaa and chuckles, is thanks to you guys that I have a running built Anyway this are the tings I still cannot sort out/understand. Got to 10.7.2 following chuckles post, lion runs fine (no performance increase here though) but randomly (about 30-40% of times) on starting up I get to the login window but cannot move the mouse; or I get to the login window can move the mouse but cannot click on the name and activate the password input dialog. At that point all I can do is hard reset the pc and on the next reboot everything is fine. Even if in the Bios i have all Stata controller set to [AHCI] the 2 GSata ports (the 6gbs ones Gsata6 and Gsata7 on the manual) are found as IDE. I am on FF bios update. They work fine on osx but won't work if I link them to a SSD drive (Since it is AHCI only I suppose) nor I can get SATA III speeds from them (But cannot say for sure). Some times one of the monitors does not get signal at login, it is always the same one and again if I reboot all is fine. This has to do with the graphic card though I think. One more thinks if I am to set up a raid 0, shall I do it in the bios or with disk utility? Anyway thanks for reading up to here; I am on the latest chimera 1.7 (I think) and link my extra folder if any of you would be so kind to give it a look I would appreciate a loot my spec are on the signature also. Unfortunately even if i tried to get past just coping your files in my setup and tried to get a bit deeper in understanding what I am supposed to do, there is almost no use to it and I am stuck to relay on you guys Extra.zip
  13. has anyone managed to have a working Lion installation? Waiting for a sign from you guys... I'm not able to figure it out alone Cheers and happy installing!
  14. Thanks I updated as well and it seems working fine
  15. 10.6.7 is out dou we have any success story... as usually I am not capable to know what to do in order to safely update the OSX... Will broke the system 100%. So please let me know if you guys managed to do it and how. big thanks!
  16. @ddi

    most powerful ATI card that fully works with OSX?

    Nope don't think you are going to be able to use it any sooner, we are still struggling with the 5xxx that are not 100% yet but are working. Look around in the forum there are many posts on the Ati cards so you get an idea.
  17. I have two monitors both connected to DVI and I don't know why but sometimes I have the same problem you are experiencing; however all I do is to reboot and it fixes it. Then after few days or so it come back again with one monitor switching on off and again I just reboot and it goes away. It is really weird can't figure it out.
  18. @ddi

    Radeon 5770 to 5870?

    Don't know if it is worth I am getting about 30FPS in osx 10.6.6 but I am quite happy with it
  19. @ddi

    Radeon HD 5870 / HD 5850

    @xabidh and @ashman1970 Ok I am no expert so I am not sure that what I say is going to work, so keep it in mind ; that said here is what i have done and having quite similar setup it should work for you two as well. First download kabyl's rc700 boot loader here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=231768 then replace your boot file with kabyl's one and add this to your com.apple.Boot.plist file removing any other graphic related string you might have. <key>GraphicsEnabler</key> <string>Yes</string> If the os won't let you replace the boot file try to trash the file then copy kabyl's (I don't know why but some are telling me they cannot replace it) And that it is all i think... good luck
  20. @ddi

    Radeon HD 5870 / HD 5850

    Give us a bit more info so to figure out what you should be doing... things like what cpu, mather board.... you are using osx version and hod did you installed/ bootloader used. Because I guess that, how to do it depends on what you have.
  21. I think I am still using your DSDT and if you read some post ago dougaa was suggesting me some modifications; but I am not sure I will manage to . Anyway will you make a new one for the FE bios? Moreover I am still trying to figure out a way for having my HD drives to be hot-swappable as they are supposed to (I think...) some times ago Professor posted in this thread saying he did manage but the link he was posting was broken and didn't hear since. All hard drives I have can be removed without opening the case and I have also one eSata connected so it would be nice if I could unmount/eject a drive then mount a another one in. Up to now I am forced to power down and reboot.
  22. @ddi

    Radeon HD 5870 / HD 5850

    You do not need [url=&quot;http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/&quot;]#####[/url] you need Kabyl chamaleon trunk here http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...t&p=1546946. Just replace your boot loader with his and have in the com.apple.Boot.plist file this: <key>GraphicsEnabler</key> <string>Yes</string>
  23. Dunno if is the same problem I used to experience, but I had a similar problem and it was due to the front audio jack; just removed the jack and rebooted an finder was usable again. It was the sound ketx that was causing the problem for me. @ Kabyl this is working fine although I do get some black screens once in while. It is not frequent but if I am in series of testing rebooting once in a while one of the 2 displays is black. All I need to do is reboot again and it solves the problem.