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  1. AMD Polaris IDs on Sierra / High Sierra

    Let's hope there's decent (if any) support for crossfire configurations...
  2. Airport - PCIe Half Mini

    Definitely early, but has anyone had any luck with 10.12 DP1? I'm trying to get my AW-CE123H up and running. I'm not having any luck with wifi using FakePCIID + FakePCIID_Broadcom_WiFi, and it looks like BrcmPatchRAM2 needs an update as well. Do any alternative methods work, or should I just sit tight and let the devs work their magic?
  3. Any idea if this works with snow leopard? So far, I have it working on my laptop except for the Audio I/O ports, webcam, S-video output, SD reader and PCMCIA... and of course, QE and CI with my GMA X3100
  4. I have the same issue... I can use VoodooHDA for regular output, but that doesn't work with my internal mic and I/O jacks... but the ALC268 patch that I used earlier on leopard KP's because of AppleHDA.
  5. Alrighty! I managed to get it the PS/2 working by using the kexts and using MacDrive on my Win7 partition to put them in /S/L/E... then I booted into single-user mode in OSX and rebuilt the extensions.mkext. Now I need to get my Realtek ALC268 HDA and QE/CI working on my GMA X3100...
  6. Thanks, I saw those earlier, but how am I supposed to install them without a working keyboard? I only have Windows 7 and Snow Leopard dual booting; I have no separate Leopard install.
  7. BUMP... I made some progress, but I'd like to get some feedback. Thanks.
  8. 32 / 64 bit

    Alright, so If I install 32-bit Snow Leopard from a tutorial here then install the kexts from an iDeneb of iAtkos CD, I should be good to go with a fully functioning copy of SL?
  9. 32 / 64 bit

    That's an interesting read... I have a question though: It's pretty apparent that current Leopard kexts wont work with 64-bit Snow Leopard, but what about on 32-bit SL? I have only 2GB of RAM and not all of my controllers are fully 64-bit compliant so I'm probably going to go with 32-bit, but I just want to check if existing Leopard kexts will work in 32-bit SL. Thanks.
  10. My laptop is an Acer Extensa 4620-4648 (more simply known as the Acer Extensa 4620z). It has an Acer Biwa mainboard and an Intel T2370 processor (1.74 GHz Pentium dual-core with EMT64 support) with the GM965 Express chipset with ICH8M and a GMA X3100 GPU... My wireless is a Broadcom (I think its a 43xx) and it worked OotB with Leopard and my ethernet is also a Broadcom (I think a 57xx) and I never tested it out with Leopard. My audio is Realtek HDA and the built-in mic worked with some variation of the ALC268 kext, but I'd be fine without it using the Azalia kext for output only for now. Would I be able to use Snow Leopard with this? I haven't found much info on this. I only have 2GB RAM so I don't think it'll matter if I use 64bit, but I know there are some kext incompatibilities. Does 32bit Snow Leopard work with old kexts from Leopard? EDIT: Now I'm stuck because SL isn't working with my laptop's built-in PS/2 keyboard and mouse. It just says "Before you start" and tells me that I need to plug in a keyboard... unfortunately I have not USB keyboard. The PS/2 fix from the iAtkos disk didn't work, so I'm downloading iDeneb 1.6 and seeing if the PS/2 fix from there will work; iDeneb also has more kexts for my hardware so I'll install those, too. I managed to get it the PS/2 working by using MacDrive on my Win7 partition to put the kexts in /S/L/E... then I booted into single-user mode in OSX and rebuilt the extensions.mkext. Now I need to get my Realtek ALC268 HDA working and get QE/CI working on my GMA X3100...
  11. I'm looking for the same thing... I have an NTFS drive which has ALL of my documents, downloads, music and etc (so that if I reinstall XP or OS X I still have all of my stuff) and I would be very grateful if someone showed me how to do this. I need the drive to be mounted as drive F: on the XP install because I have my My Documents folder Hard Linked to a directory on that drive... Thanks, ~Unk
  12. I'm also wondering how to do this... I'm running iAtkos v5i updated to 10.5.6 on an HFS+ partition, I have an NTFS partition for data, and I have an NTFS partition running XP all on the same hard drive. I've seen success from other users with VMware Fusion, but I don't know if it applies to VMware Fusion 2.0... I'd really appreciate it if anyone can post update instructions for either VMware Fusion 2 or Parallels 4. Thanks, ~Unk
  13. I have the 4620z as well and all I needed to do was use OSX86Tools and have it "Download and Install Hardware Drivers" and it's working pretty good...
  14. Is there a way to integrate kexts into this? I have a working Kalyway installation, but I want to just put in all of the kexts that I know that work so that I can reinstall without going through the hassle of finding and installing all of them over again... and I'm seeding...