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  1. Logic Pro (X at least) will happily use multiple cores. In that sense it's more important than single-core GHz. I've been running LPX on a 13" Retina MBP (Late 2013) which has a 2.4GHz dual-core i5 and 8G of RAM. Planning to upgrade ASAP as I'm hitting the limits of this machine all the time even with relatively moderate use. I would say 4 cores/threads is the absolute minimum (in 2017/2018) and more will not hurt. I would imagine 16G of RAM would do unless you're planning to use huge sample libraries and/or running other software at the same time as Logic.
  2. Hi, looking for hardware recommendations for a new Hackintosh. Thinking of building this in the first quarter of 2018. #1 criterion is Logic Pro X compatibility. At the moment I have a Steinberg UR22 USB audio interface, and an iRig HD 2. If there are compatibility issues with these it would not be a problem to upgrade. LPX can and will use multiple cores/threads so I guess a bunch of them wouldn't hurt. However I don't see myself doing anything stupidly taxing, using LPX just for home recording, with maybe 30-40 tracks at most (some of which may however be running CPU-heavy synth plugins). I have absolutely no desire to ever run Windows on this (or any) machine. I am also not interested in gaming - other than NetHack I guess this means pretty much any graphics card would do, but I am keen to get suggestions. Last time I built a computer was around 1992, so I'm pretty sure I'm a bit out of touch in that regard. 4K video playback (to a 4K TV) would be nice to have. Thing I AM interested in, in no particular order: Linux, virtual machines, software development, Blender, video editing. 16 or 32 gigs of memory? More? Which speed? Would prefer to have working Wifi on the motherboard if at all possible, however will go for a dongle if necessary. Might even just use a wired connection (is Gigabit Ethernet pretty much the norm these days?) The machine should also be pretty quiet - it will live in my bedroom (although probably won't be running it 24/7).