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    anisoptera42 got a reaction from glasgood in [SUCCESS][GUIDE] Glasgood's High Sierra CoffeeLake: ASUS STRIX Z370-G - i7-8700 - GTX1080ti - UHD   
    I’d like to post confirmation that after a BIOS upgrade (which you suggested earlier) my Z370-E successfully booted the installer and I got a functioning OS! It took me a while because I decided to install windows to test the hardware and sort of settled into it for a while. But it works!
    Unfortunately, I didn’t expect that onboard WiFi would be completely nonfunctional and I don’t have a good way to get a wired connection in that room. So I know it works (mostly), but I’m waiting on a MacBook Air m.2 WiFi/BT card to actually get the thing going the rest of the way. Your listed card is only available in the UK, looks like, which is a shame. The MBA card is going to take a month to show up.
    Once I do that I’ll be looking to figure out how to make a DSDT and everything, but until then I partitioned the disk so I can dual boot and dropped my Windows image back on the other half.
    Thanks for the guide and the help!