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  1. I've got this thing mostly working now! It's wonderful to be back in macOS, I thought I could stand windows but after two months I was going crazy. I do still have one issue though. My system has a weird relationship with sleep. It seems to be able to get the display to sleep fine, but sometimes it doesn't ever come back from sleep - it goes into a weird video mode. I experimented with various settings and I think I might have found a dark wake setting that fixes that (10), though I won't know for sure for a couple days - even when it was failing it would work sometimes if it wanted to (usually when I was manually sleeping the display and waking it up...) But my main problem is that there's no setting for system auto-sleep anymore. The Energy pane doesn't even have a slider. I can manually sleep, and it works fine (wakes up and unlocks from my watch, even) but there's no setting for automatic sleep. Did you run into this problem? What should I look at to solve it? This is a Z370-E, not G. But I am using your G DSDT, I think (it's a cobbled together amalgam of a couple different EFI folders, so I really don't remember now, but it mostly works so I'm not about to touch it without reason ) E: I also don't have any macOS updates listed in software update, but I'm on 13.2, and 13.3 is out. I set my model to iMacPro1,1 so I'm wondering if that might have something to do with it (or the sleep thing, for all that goes) Thanks!
  2. I’d like to post confirmation that after a BIOS upgrade (which you suggested earlier) my Z370-E successfully booted the installer and I got a functioning OS! It took me a while because I decided to install windows to test the hardware and sort of settled into it for a while. But it works! Unfortunately, I didn’t expect that onboard WiFi would be completely nonfunctional and I don’t have a good way to get a wired connection in that room. So I know it works (mostly), but I’m waiting on a MacBook Air m.2 WiFi/BT card to actually get the thing going the rest of the way. Your listed card is only available in the UK, looks like, which is a shame. The MBA card is going to take a month to show up. Once I do that I’ll be looking to figure out how to make a DSDT and everything, but until then I partitioned the disk so I can dual boot and dropped my Windows image back on the other half. Thanks for the guide and the help!
  3. I did source memory off the QVL (well, I didn't _look_ at the QVL when buying it, but my memory _is_ listed, thanks for the link ) so that should be fine. I have not tried to load up a live distro. Going to do that now. Might as well have a working machine while I figure this out. Will report back. The procedure you mentioned is what I did, and I did try running setup with just one memory module in that slot, with the same issue. But I'll get a linux distro running first and make sure everything is as I expect. Thanks!
  4. Trying to get the Z370-E working (other than that, basically the same hardware you've got here), having some showstoppers. Thought it'd be simple as I see many of the other variants of this board working great, but perhaps I've picked the one that doesn't work. I'm trying with your EFI in the first post. I've also tried with someone else's Z370-G EFI over on another forum with exactly the same results. With memory modules in slots 1 and 3 it doesn't boot past the sequence of ++++++ at the start of boot. Sure, everyone knows that, I think. 0 and 2 work, and also a single module in 2 or 3 will work (but not 0, oddly). Then I get a little further, but not much. Within the first page or so of log spam, looks like during or just after ACPI enumeration, I start getting a ton of page faults. It's hard to get clean pictures of this because my current monitor is old (5k one coming in the mail today!) and the final panic has a backtrace that fills the screen, but I took a video and got a frame grab of what looks like the first panic. Attached that. Eventually it crashes out into a giant panic backtrace of doom with an error code that changes on every boot (so it's probably actually a crash address or something) ... I've never done this before so I don't know if this is an "obvious" error that has a simple solution. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!