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  1. P C

    stops at grey apple screen

    I found a solution to my situation, maybe it will help you if you're still stuck as well. On the installer, choose custom install, uncheck the maxusss patch for sse3 (because I had a P4 and it says not to install it), then when booting up, I went into safe mode ( -x ) haven't tried full mode yet, and everything was cool, except my sound card wasn't found. But I had it join my 2003 domain, and logged in with a user account on that, and my network drive was mapped and everything .
  2. P C

    stops at grey apple screen

    yes, I too get the same thing happening. also, when I did the installer, it hung at the "this computer will reboot" screen. it counted down and then stopped.. The system is: P4 2.53 GHz 1 GB Ram 80 GB WD HD Generic DVDRW Shuttle Mobo/case