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    Asus GTX680 4GB "Sync out of Range" during ML Install

    Thanks MAN. Will try to do that.
  2. Can you please help me with my problem. i had bought ASUS CU2 GTX 680 4GB to replace my 4870. Once i try to install ML - my monitor goes “Sync out of range” I did use -v GraphicsEnabler = No(Yes) CPURootUID = 0(1) npci=0×2000 (3000) And still same result. With GE=YES i can get just grey screen. Not Install Grey but just whitish gray. And if i will plug my 4870 Install screen rase up without any additional flags. So problem is in GTX somewhere. Btw. One week before this 4gb card i get 2gb card for tests. And with that Asus 2GB 680 there was no problems to install ML and all was just fine. And now if i will put this new 4GB card and try to boot that completed ML install won’t boot also. It’s stuck at [PCI Configuration...] no matter what flag i will put. Here is the screenrecord with my problem PS i know about typos same result without typos )
  3. any idea how to fix that random freeze during graphic install ? still trying but every time I've got that freeze (Spec) Asus p6t deluxe v2 i920 Transcend 1x3 1333 asus Ati 4870 asus DVD samsung 120 sata bios 406 used slimboot and 10.5.4 and 10.5.6 thanks for any ideas.