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  1. I have had hackintoshes in the past, I am not a fan. The reason I am using VMware is to load it without hacks (at least no Mac hacks). Are there any Intel chipsets that also don't agree? I am thinking in the server dual socket arena.
  2. This doesn't allow booting of new or migrated Mac OS X VMs on AMD machines even though the check script works. It seems that AMD boards were never supported by unlocker. Will this change in the near future or am I SOL?
  3. sunborn

    macOS Unlocker V3.0 for VMware ESXi

    This doesn't work on AMD systems. Is there any plan on getting this too work on AMD systems? It appears that unlocker never worked on AMD boards.
  4. So I just got Yosemite up and virtualized in ESXi. However, I am using workstation as a console like the KB says to do after 6.5. So the benefit of the workstation is that sound can come out if you add the adapter. This works just fine with a window$ VM. (BTW the documentation says it shouldn't work) In the yosemite VM it just produces a white-noise static when the sounds should be played. This tells me that it is a driver issue, and should be able to work in theory. However, does anyone have experience with VMWare workstation and the sound in OS X? Thanks,
  5. I wondered this too. It turns out, the answer is YES. I can't help you there. It works great with 6.0 U2
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    Introduce yourself.

    Hi, I have had a Hackentosh since Mountain Lion but haven't used it in awhile--my wife broke the boot and I haven't bothered in fixing it. I am now using a very weird setup of VMware ESXi server 6.0U2 to run a zoo of OS. I came by to pick up the esxi patch on this forum.