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  1. I can confirm that updating to the new patched kext fixes the sleep issue. I was actually (accidentally) using the 1.0.7 version of the Lacie driver with the older patched kext. Perhaps this is where the sleep issue was coming from. Anyway, the driver is working great now! Thanks a lot Genzai!
  2. Firstly, thanks to Modbin and the people who tested out the patched driver. I have the Lacie USB3.0 express card in a MacPro 1,1 (late 2006), and the driver patch works great so far. The only thing I have to test it with is a Toshiba external usb3.0 drive, and I am getting 100MB/s speeds, compared to 36MB/s with USB2.0. Unfortunately, I am getting the same sleep issues as other users. With or without the USB3.0 drive plugged into the computer, when I sleep the computer, the hard drives spin down, the display turns off, and it acts like it goes to sleep. But, the fans continue to spin at low rpm, and the computer never completely shuts off. It sure would be awesome if this problem could somehow be fixed without having to resort to unloading and reloading the kext every time I sleep my machine. Though I am not a hugely knowledgeable programmer or anything, if I can help this effort by providing log files or anything else, let me know.
  3. So I just successfully got OSx86 iDeneb v1.3 Leopard 10.5.5 working on an Asus EeePC 1000H 160g. I swapped out the built-in Ralink-based Mini PCI-e wifi card with a GIGABYTE GN-WI06N 802.11 a/b/g/n with the Atheros ar5008 (aka AR5418) chipset. I can confirm that this card works out of box with OSX; I didn't have to fiddle about with drivers at all to get it to work perfectly. Not only that but it supports packet injection if you're interested in network security.