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  1. Work in Progress: Google (Inventec) Cr-48

    No, you want to erase everything on the SSD because Windows 7 itself takes up around 10GB of space, leaving you around 5GB to work with.
  2. Work in Progress: Google (Inventec) Cr-48

    It has 2 GB of RAM, and a 16 GB SSD, which formats to 14.8 GB. And yes, the USB port works as an add-on port, I can connect a flash drive and Windows 7 reads it flawlessly.
  3. Work in Progress: Google (Inventec) Cr-48

    I've just successfully installed Windows 7 on my CR-48. Thanks again for the BIOS flash. I'll go ahead and try out OS X once it gets more support (touchpad, etc.)
  4. Well I just installed a fresh copy of iATKOS v5i dual booting with XP. I tried booting into the OS but it just restarted again. I've tried a lot of stuff, like -f, cpus=1, -x, -v, all with no success. Can anyone help? Specs: (This isn't my main computer) Dell Dimension 5150 Pentium 4 3.0 GHz w/ HT 2GB DDR2 RAM (Crucial) 80 GB SATA iATKOS DVD Burned @ 4x.
  5. 10.5.3 Update Guide

    OK, I am totally new here, and toatlly new with this OSx86 project thing. I have installed iATKOS v2.0 on my machine (which isn't too fast to begin with), and I saw the 10.5.3 update on Software Updates, I just unknowingly installed. Mac told me to hard reboot, and I now have a non-working Mac. So this is what happens - I turn on my computer, press enter on Mac OS X boot thing (I'm dual booting Vista & Mac) and out comes the Darwin Boot countdown, I press enter again and it starts booting. After about 3 seconds a message comes up telling me I have to restart my computer. This comes up every time I start Mac. Now I have reinstalled my Mac partition and am now writing this on a 10.5.2 system. Can anyone tell me if this will work with my system now? Intel GMA 950 2GB RAM 533mhz Pentium 4 SSE3 Supported 3.00Ghz Intel VE Pro/100 Network Adapter. Sigmatel Audio. I'd really appreciate it. EDIT: Well, I tried it... Guess What? It didn't work. I used Pacifist and installed everything but the Extensions and System Config Folders... Worked Like a charm!