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  1. Kernel Panic - Unknown reason

    Yeah, im having the same issue, it just randomly panics. The thread name is always different. Not sure if this is related but skype always crashes when i try and screen share too. If someone could just point me in the right direction of how to debug this myself Id appreciate it. The KP itself doesnt give much information, have looked at console but again not alot there.
  2. Hey All Ive got a Gigabyte EP43 UD3L with a patched bios from cartri http://cartri.net/blog/downloads with just an AppleHDA in /Extra Its running SL10.6.4 and works smoothly for most of the time. But im getting random kernel panics. I thought they were originally caused by a HID device (wacom tablet) as it mentioned in the KP about a HID device. Its still happening tho, sometimes for skype and other programs. Ive attached a screenshot of the latest KP that happened this morning, hopefully someone can shed some light on this. Thanks
  3. Broadcom bcm43xx wireless driver [beta]

    Hi All Im trying (anf failing) to get wifi working on a fujitsu siemens amilo li 1818. Ive replaced the original wifi card with a Dell 1505 BCM4321 which shows up if i run lspci from terminal, but never shows up in system prefs, or network prefs. It also shows up if I use DPCIManager as a broadcom card but the model is unknown. I feel so close to getting this working, ive tried so may different posts now and different kexts. Surely if it shows up as being connected then there must be a way to get it working. Ive tested it in windows and know it works. Can anyone help? p.s had to do the pin 20 trick to get the card to turn on as the switch didnt work. Oli
  4. Broadcom bcm43xx wireless driver [beta]

    Hey all, Ive just purchased a Dell 1505 with the BCM4321 (ven:14e4, dev:4328) off ebay to pop in a fujitsu siemens amil li 1818 which comes with a sis163 wifi card by default which isnt even detected. The card is detected using DPCI Manager (although the model shows up as unknown) and lspci which detects the cards, chipset and dev+ven ids ok. Problem is, os x doesnt know its there, doesnt show up in sys prefs > network, in network utility or in sys info. I know the card works as its detected in windows, and after doing the pin 20 hack its enabled and works fine. Does anyone know how to get this card detected and working. Im on Snow Leopard 10.6.2. Thanks Oli
  5. Volume Control won't stop turning up!

    Hey Guys, Im having exactly the same problem in snow leopard but this kext doesnt fix it Any ideas? Oli
  6. RealTek 8139

    Hey All, I have a Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Li 1818 whith a RTL8139 onboard nic. Getting this to work correctly under 10.6 is being a nightmare. Ive managed to get it to work once or twice, it has shown up in network interfaces, but ever since then (ive been trying loads of different fixes) i cant seem to get it to appear (i accidentally removed it when it was set to disconnected). When it worked I was able to ping servers ok, but I couldnt load them via their domain name, seems like a dns issue to me. Now however I cant even do that as the interface has disappeared. I know the card work as ive got it working in 10.5 with PCGensRTL8139 kext, but the equivalent snow kext doesnt want to work for me. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks Oli
  7. Hey All, I have a Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Li 1818 and Im trying (in vain) to get the onboard RTL 8139 lan working in snow leopard. Ive been trying for days now using various kexts around but to no avail. Nothing I do seems to work. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks Oli
  8. Ah, I see, well to answer your previous post then perhaps one of these as a backup? http://www.absolutely-free-hosting.com/free-php-hosting.php
  9. Continuing this here http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=206973 so as not to contaminate your guide with this. Hmm, that doesnt seem to work, am I doing something wrong, i just clicked new topic and then post.
  10. How "in there" are you with the insanelymac.com admins, do they have a spare DB and some file space perhaps? Oli
  11. Haha, Well, i dont think im quite knowledgeable on all this to be able to start something, I am however a good web developer so getting something setup technically that would do what we're thinking of wouldnt be too much of a challenge. Have you seen the product selectors that hardware manufacturers use, like on the nvidia site, where you select an option and it filters a list of next available options and so on? It would be nice to have something like that. I think perhaps a system where you can select a "How to install OSX 10.X", then select your hardware from a list like the above thing i mentioned, that then pulls through a generic how to install os x guide and slots in the hardware specific parts of the guide would be a good idea. So bios settings, post install, bonjour config etc are all merged with a generic guide. This would avoid duplication of content for the generic bits. There also needs to be a glossary that explains the terms like kext, kernel, dsdt, mkext etc, for the real noobs. And ive said before, that a kext database would be brilliant as half of the kexts im using i have no idea what they do or if i need them. Regarding the automated installed i think they should come in 3 flavours. 1. A preboot enviroment that is used to install os x. 2. A post install application that either detects, or you select your hardware, and click go, and it installs cham, your kexts, the dsdt for your board etc. 3. A post apple updater (or even disabling the apple updater for os x updates and using this app to do them) that will run cleanup operations after doing an upgrade that will perform known fixes (like the sleepenabler issue with 10.6.2). Now all this is purely speculative but in an "ideal world" type scenario. There was an app like no 3 above for the EP35-DS3 board that pcwiz made for 10.5 which was cool, except it modded s/l/e but it did work well. I like what you're saying about having part 4 of your guide for the ep45 only, good idea. Thoughts?
  12. Problem is, The install guides are all part of the forum, which often makes finding what youre after rather difficult. If we had install guides, that are all formatted the same, eg. About Pre-requisites Intro Pre-install checks Bios settings Installer boot Installer config Post install steps First boot Mac Setup Post setup steps Additional Info Files: 10.6.0 Kexts 10.6.1 Kexts 10.6.2 Kexts DSDT.aml/.dsl SMBIOS Kind of like how you format yours, it would make like alot easier for anyone new to the scene. There is a very large learning curve here, and until someone can come up with an automated installer that can detect your hardware and make all the necessary changes that need making automatically etc, then making life easier for doing it manually is a good thing, no? Oli
  13. Yeah, What id like to see ideally is the following: An installation guide section in the wiki, broken down as follows: Desktops > Motherboards > Manufacturer > Model > Complete computers > Manufacturer > Model Laptops > Manufacturer > Model Add-in cards > Type (gfx, network, firewire etc) > Manufacturer > Chipset Each of these could contain a guide about how to install that specific bit of hardware. Ideally with the newest kexts attached to the wiki (dunno if you can do that). Might also be a good idea to create a standard format for these guides so that they're all laid out the same. It would be great to have a 1 stop place for all you need to know about the EP45 for example, with the associated kexts you need for version 10.X.X, and as stuff changes when apple releases updates, the guides get updated, rather than having to trawl through forum posts over several months of a conversation with all the other irrelevant info in there too. What are your throughts? Oli
  14. Hi Blackosx, To throw this into the mix, might it be an idea to add the guide to the wiki, perhaps have a guides section in there for different hardware? Would allow others to contribute then. Oli
  15. Hi Blackosx, Can I ask what kexts you are using now to boot your snow install? Also, on the note of DSDT, ive been thinking. It would be good to compile a library of patched dsdts that contain fixes ONLY for built in hardware on your motherboard. That way they can be distributed as is and people can use them. I feel that the dsdt should only have fixes for the built in hardware and either use kexts to fix other problems or alternatively, it would be nice if you could include a basic dsdt to fix your built in hardware, and a custom dsdt to fix graphics for instance both within the extras folder (obv cham would need to support this, but its an idea). What are your thoughts? Oli