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  1. Instructions here. http://wad3g.github.io/blog/2013/10/27/os-x-server-redemption-code/ Open app store, click "Redeem" on the right-side menu and get Mavericks 10.9 server. You do not need to be a paying developer. Note from a mod: The link no longer works unless palebluedot or someone else gives a new link I'll keep this locked.
  2. Found a fix here: http://myhackmac.blogspot.com/2013/10/fix-for-smcgetkeyfromindexaction-error.html
  3. palebluedot

    FakeSmc Console Spam

    Found my fix here. http://myhackmac.blogspot.com/2013/10/fix-for-smcgetkeyfromindexaction-error.html
  4. palebluedot

    VMWare 9 and 10.9 DP1 yet?

    On reddit someone said you should install Moutain Lion first, then install 10.9 from ML. Click for Reddit Post (see posts by avid1144))
  5. I get crashes under load as well. I haven't found a fix yet, sorry. Z77-DS3H 1.1
  6. palebluedot

    Possible Nforce 3 UDMA Fix

    Interesting read here, as I'm trying to get things working on my ALi chipset. One thing I am curious about is, in the device ID string, e.g.: { 0x005310de, 6, "NVIDIA nForce4" } What does the '6' stand for? I've seen others with '5'. How does one determine this value. I understand the first part is from DEV/VAR.
  7. Well I just figured out to execute nano, I have to use full path from: /Volumes/<myvolume>/usr/bin/nano However, I then get "Error opening terminal: vt100". Which I am currently investigating.
  8. OK, Now I need a terminal based text editor. Can't find nano, pico...anything. Anyone know what directory these are located on either a MacOS install or on the Install DVD? Ok I found Nano in /<mydive/usr/bin, but it won't execute. "command not found". Ah the joys of learning. basically looking for anyone who can help me edit a file via the Install DVD terminal window. TYVM.
  9. palebluedot

    New ATI Drivers

    Yeah, not too concerened about it, thats the ONLY thing that does that, everything else works well. And yes, QE and CI are both enabled.
  10. I made an error in editing a kext file and need to repair it, however i can't access /System/Library/Extensions from the terminal window via the Install dvd. Extensions just shows up as "Extensions.mkext" instead of its usual folder. I've tried "cd extensions" and "cd extensions.mkext" with no luck. Am I SOL? (And yes, I did cd /Volumes and chose my main MacOS HD, so I'm not browsing the install DVD). Nevermind, I must be on drugs tonight, figured it out.
  11. palebluedot

    how long?

    Did you check all your hardware to see if it is known working in OSX86? As RBH noted, you may have a bad patch or dvd.
  12. palebluedot

    how long?

    At the same place you entered "-v" before, try entering: Platform=X86PC -v
  13. palebluedot

    2 terrible problems

    Try this: http://www.ultimatebootcd.com/ has lots of partition tools.
  14. palebluedot

    how long?

    hmm, i'm stumped. you should be able to hit F8 before that screen appears. Unless we can get you in verbose mode, its kinda impossible to tell what your system is hanging on. Are you not able to get into the Darwin Boot Loader at all? When you hit F8 (before the Grey screen), it should switch to text mode and say something like "Welcome to darwin". There should be a command prompt.