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    مشكلتى مع الماك

    انا اسف ياخ خالد لعدم ردى على سؤالك انا ايضا كنت مشغول الفترة السابقة بسبب الامتحانات والمششكلة عندى من تعليق ولا حاجة المشكلة هى ان عملية التسطيب بتفشل ويقولى حاول مرة اخرى بسبب التعريفات ويوقلى اعمل ريستارت وعلى العموم انا نزلت نسخة جديد kalyway 10.5.2 ويارب تشتغل معايا انا شاكر جدااا على ردك على الموضوع واهتمام
  2. ema.net

    مشكلتى مع الماك

    ارجو من الاخوة الرد لانى بجد مش عارف اعمل ايه
  3. ممكن ياجماعة حد يقولى على المشكلة دى انا نزلت النسخة دى leopard 10.5 وعملتلها بوت والنسخة تفضل شغالة معاايا فى التسطيب ولكن فى المرحلة الاخير التسطيب يفشل ويوقلى اعمل ريستارت بسبب التعريفات مع العلم انا نوع المازربورد بتاعت جيجا بايت 945 وده ملف التعليمات اللى حملته مع النسخة بس للاسف انا ضعيف فى اللغة الانجليزيى ومش فاهم منه حاجة GUIDE - HOW TO INSTALL LEOPARD PATCHED DVD WITHOUT TIGER INSTALLED THIS GUIDE IS FOR A BLANK DRIVE WITH NO INSTALLATION OF TIGER IN IT!!! This simple guide will show you how to install leopard on your PC without having Tiger on your system. Just follow the simple steps. What you need: -The Patched DVD Image -The zip file -One pen drive or USB Flash Drive formatted as FAT32 STEP 1: Burn the image to a Single Layer DVD; Format your Thumb Drive!!! This should be FAT32!!!!! IT needs to be readable by the terminal when we access it; Also, the drive label should be "Patcher". This is very IMPORTANT, since the latter will spit out an error!! When you format, make sure it is named Patcher! No CAPS! Now, unzip the archive to your thumb drive. It should contain now one folder named "files"; INSTALLING LEOPARD Now lets install Leopard. Insert the DVD on your computer and make sure you boot from the DVD. Usually thats done if you press F12 or whatever key combination to give you the option to choose what disk/cd drive you want to boot from. Select your CD/DVD drive; After the installer has loaded (it will take a while, be patient) select your language and make sure you hit CUSTOMIZE. Unselect all packages there!!! Leopard will now install. It may take 15 minutes or so and it will be all done. Reboot. Make sure that your USB/Pen Drive is connected to your pc!! After the reboot, also make sure you do the same step above: Press whatever key combination to give you the option to choose your boot device: Now Select your CD/DVD drive. When the Darwin bootloader shows up, Hit F8; When you see the prompt, type -s and hit enter. The DVD will now load in verbose mode. Watch for any panics! It should load without a problem (of course, if you already installed, its all good!) Once the setup is loaded, select your language. When the welcome screens shows up, select UTILITIES-TERMINAL. The terminal will now open. We will now browse to our Thumb Drive; In the command line, type: (Make sure there are spaces between cd and the 2 dots) cd .. cd .. cd Volumes cd Patcher cd files Lets now run the script. This will patch the installation so it will boot properly: ./9a581PostPatch.sh Let it run. You can answer yes when removing the ACPUPowerManagement kext After the script is done, reboot. You will now be able to Boot Leopard!!! If you dont see it in the bootloader, consult osx86scene.com . http://forum.osx86scene.com/viewtopic.php?...p;sk=t&sd=a THIS GUIDE IS FOR A BLANK DRIVE WITH NO INSTALLATION OF TIGER IN IT!!! If you already have the patched image and tiger, you may work as well.