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  1. I'd be interested in learning more about the details of AHCI configuration. I have downloaded the Intel ESB2 documentation: http://www.intel.com/design/chipsets/datashts/313082.htm Any pointers to the most relevant sections would be appreciated as there are hundreds of pages in that
  2. Infrared

    Intel 5400 Chipset Drivers (2008 Mac Pro)

    Latest drivers for the chipset. Apple doesn't update its Boot Camp driver collection very often. I'm not sure what would comprise a full set of chipset drivers. Perhaps someone can enlighten me. I run Server 2008 x64, by the way, which won't accept unsigned drivers unless you tell it specifically not to.
  3. Are drivers for the 5400 chipset available on Intel's site? I'm having trouble finding them. I did find this: http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Des...x?DwnldID=17328 I'm not sure if that applies to the 5400 chipset. And I'm not sure if it's a complete set. Any help much appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Nice work, johnsock. I wonder if a similar approach could be used to enable VT-x. After a cold-boot into Windows, VT-x is not enabled. Consequently Hyper-V does not work on Server 2008. The usual advice is to enable VT-x in the BIOS menu, but there is no BIOS menu for the Mac Pros[1]. Fortunately, VT-x is left unlocked. This means it would be possible to enable VT-x and then lock it. http://www.linux-kvm.org/page/Enable_VT-X_...ro_(Early_2008) My suspicion is that this has to be done at an early stage for Hyper-V to work, and perhaps it could be done in the boot sector code. The approach would be to flip two bits of model specific register 0x3A (as I understand it - and I do not understand much). 1: We're absolutely one hundred thousand percent sure there is no CSM BIOS menu, are we? No special key combinations to get at it? Anyone tried F2 on a non-Apple keyboard?.
  5. Working very nicely for me, thanks What I'm thinking about now is a way of simplifying the method so that less technically inclined people can take advantage of it. Ideally: (1) Can be done entirely within Windows (2) Does not require a linux CD/DVD (3) Uses as few external tools as possible (4) Is simple enough to be done very quickly P.S. I did it a slightly different way. I had a disk with only Windows on it (1 partition). I shrank the Windows partition and put GRUB on a separate FAT partition after that, leaving the MBR intact. Then I made that second partition active. If I want to boot without AHCI enabled, I merely make the first partition active within Windows and reboot. Note: I nearly wrecked my OS X partition. I got a little careless and assumed hd0 would be the drive in bay 0. It was not. When I rebooted OS X was not present in the boot menu. I think the culprit may have been the 'makeactive' command in 'menu.lst'. I removed that as it wasn't necessary anyway. Thanks again!
  6. Infrared

    Vista SP1 x64 EFI booting?

    I too would be really interested to get this going. Incidentally, if I boot from the Vista 64 SP1 DVD Microsoft sent me, and I hold down the option key, I'm offered the choice of "EFI Boot". However, the screen goes black after hitting enter and nothing is apparently happening. I wonder if it might be possible to bypass the installer until that problem is solved. That is, to install things the BIOS way and then create the files necessary to boot the EFI way. It might be a case of just copying those files from the Vista DVD (somewhat too hopeful here!) or something much more complicated. Here are the requirements for EFI support for Vista: http://download.microsoft.com/download/9/c...equirements.doc It may be that Apple's implementation is not complete and does not fulfil those requirements. Finally, as far as I know, nobody in the world has got this VISTA EFI thing going on a Mac (and perhaps on no other platform either, but I've just being looking at the Mac side of things). So this is a great chance for someone to grab all the glory of firstness!