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  1. I have a fix, though it is not necessarily the best due to power requirements. Turn off the HDD sleep option in System Preferences Power management.
  2. I'm rather convinced this is a software issue (some random kext or something). Later today I'm going to use a spare HDD to do an erase and install.
  3. Seems to always be proceeded by kextcache or something briefly using a lot of CPU then going away.
  4. Exact same problem, exact same motherboard! I've tried ram, cpu power management blah blah... I've tracked down all the things that were giving console errors, and now it just happens and there are no console errors around the same time. Very frustrating.
  5. Thank you, what version of the BIOS are you using, I'm using F5 which is the current version. Later today, I'll try using the bios revert to default, and then change what is needed (such as AHCI).
  6. 1. The "overclock" is using Profile 1 for my memory. There is no way for my memory to run at 1600MHz without the FSB running at 160MHz. I dont see 2.72GHz as being much of an overclock. Especially when the i5 CPU should be running at 2.8GHz when it hits turboboost. Keep in mind that this is 100% configured by the BIOS when I change the memory into Profile1, the fsb goes to 160, and the CPU multiplier goes to 17. I have read that speedstep should be working in Windows at this setting, but I can understand why MacOS wouldn't, hence Run3. 2. I am TRYING to troubleshoot why my performance is {censored} using tonymac's current DSDT without NullCPUPowermanagement. Hence Run3. I have asked before for tonymac's BIOS settings (specifically the "Advanced CPU features pane (I have all mine enabled)) but have gotten no reply about that. Just some anicdotes on how geekbench scores will be worse without NullCPU... , well I'm not talking about geekbench I'm talking about real world performance now. As I have said earlier, MSR tools says my CPU is at 1.2ghz or so without any "overclock" at all. I will install the new Chameleon RC4 when I get a chance and see if that helps.
  7. I'd take sleep and lower temps over speed IF the speed was acceptable. I have spent the day running a real test. I ripped Quantum of Solace with my bluray burner and makemkv. Then I use the newest handbrake and the "High Profile" to compress said 27GB movie. When it reaches 10% I mark down the time it took (using a real life stopwatch) and the average FPS that handbrake tells me. Then I stop it, try to watch the file it created, delete the created file, reboot and start over. Run 1 30.5 minutes, average 8.31 fps CPU temps 59-62ºC. w NullCPUPowerManagement XMS profile (ram@1600MHz, CPU@2.72GHz) 9-9-9-24 memory timing Run 2 55.8 minutes, average 4.54 fps CPU temps 51-54ºC w/o NullCPUPowerManagement.kext XMS profile (ram@1600MHz, CPU@2.72GHz) 9-9-9-24 memory timing Run 3 68 minutes, average 3.68 fps CPU temps 35-37ºC w/o NullCPUPowermanagement.kext everything to stock so it is (ram@1333MHz, CPU@2.66GHz (hopefully 2.8GHz if turbo boost is working)) 8-8-8-21 timing What could be worse?? Not being able to watch my newly compressed video file after run 2 or 3, it just stutters ever 5 seconds of smooth playback. After run 1 (and after run 3 and resetting my settings) I can play the video just fine. Smooth as could be. Is having 10-20ºC off my CPU clock worth a STAGGERING 50% raw performance reduction?!? Not to me.
  8. Or... it could be because it is when idle or not working hard that the CPU enters C states, when CPUs are at full load not entering C states at all. I have a hard time believing that just because some PMG5 PSUs were defective that that is what a lot of us are experiencing now... on a wide array of PSUs. Probably better to look at the components that we have that are identical.
  9. Odd, one of the first things I did was upgrade to F5 bios (from the file posed by Yellow) and 10X is the highest mine goes. MAYBE it is because I'm on an i5 instead of i7. But thats a silly limitation if its true. Regardless, I get bad performance when using everything set down to stock. without NullCPU.. Oh and for anyone who's still having high pitched whining when moving windows and what not. Apparently this can be caused by many things, and the CPU going into C states is one of them. I had my system set to stock 133MHz fsb and multiplier 20 with NullCPU and had the noise really badly. Messed around with enabling/disabling the various C states and couldn't get rid of the noise. Went to XMP profile so 160MHz FSB and Multiplier 17, and the noise went away. So if you have the noise, just mess with your various CPU/RAM related parameters.
  10. I get that overclocking and NOT using NullCPUPowerManagement do not mix. My earlier scores that are crappy and my cpu speed fixed at 1.2GHz is WITHOUT overclocking. I'm using OpenHaltRestart simply because it was installed by EmpireEFI by default. My native RAM speed is 1600MHz, and it appears the only way to get it to run at that speed is to use FSB=160 because the highest SPD multiplier is 10, so 10x133(normal) = 1333MHz, which is not what I paid for damn it! lol I'd be ok at normal speed, or a very slight OC if SpeedStep was working right! But according to MSR Tools, my CPU speed never goes over 1.2GHz, and belive me, it is much slower in just normal stuff like a couple of Safari windows open.
  11. I'm using the DSDT.aml from tonymac's blog "list", I assume I don't have to "patch" it, that it came "prepatched". Otherwise, I'm running vanilla kernel from 10.6.2, /S/L/E has the AppleHDA from 10.6.1 (via tonymac) and an ethernet kext thats working fine in both x86_64 and i386. In / I have tonymac's boot file (my clock is fine now), and in /E I have tonymac's DSDT.aml file I talked about earlier and a simple com.apple.Boot.plist. /E/E has fakesmc2.5, JMicronATA, LegacyHDA_ALC888B(via tonymac), OpenHaltRestart, PlatformUUID and NullCPUPowerManagement.kext if I want the system to be normal speed. Tonymac, could you let me know what your "advanced CPU features" looks like in BIOS? Another small oddity, my .mac/iChat encryption says that it's invalid or something. I hope there is not a problem with me requesting and using iPhone dev certificates... EDIT: At FSB=160 (for getting my RAM at 1600MHz) multiplier set to 21 CPU@3.36GHz... in 64bit kernel and 64Geekbench I get 8993 Obviously with NullCPU...
  12. Strike that, things were set to "auto" for Turbo boost and speedstep. Enabling them has droped CPU temps 10ºC and brought my Geekbench score down to ~2900 in both arch=i386 and arch=x86_64 In MSRTools (and arch=i386) I only get 1.2GHz and it never moves. I've tried relaunching MSRTools during a geekbench run hoping that it wouldn't refresh itself, but its always 1.2GHz. Also, my DDR3 1600 is showing as 1333 MHz in Geekbench. In BIOS it shows the same thing, but is set to profile 1 and says it should be 1600. So thats confusing. F5 bios also tries to put the cpu ratio to 17 and FSB to like 160 or something for some unknown reason. But I seem to have gotten it to stay at 20 and 133. EDIT: I've turned off the XMP so my ram is truely 1333MHz now, hoping that it was trying to force an OC of the CPU or something that would keep my Speedstep messed up. It still doesn't seem to work. Very odd. EDIT2: I put back in NullCPU and got up to 6400 or so in geekbench (32kernel, 32geekbench) with my XMP profile off. My temperature is now ~30-40ºC (maybe I was wrong the first time or it was setting all AdvancedCPU stuff to Enabled in BIOS) and MSRTools says my actual CPU speed is 2.8GHz (which means Turboboost is on all the time)
  13. Odd that the EmpireEFI disk specially built for i5/i7 (P55) didn't include the modified boot file already. Using that my Clock is fixed. However! With NullCPUPowerManagement.kext I get a geekbench of 6322 after 2 runs. and only 3497 w/o Null... after 2 runs. CPU temp stays pretty constant at ~40-50ºC with my zalman CNPS10X Quiet tuned all the way down. I'm not overclocking (yet), and I have TurboBoost enabled in bios. EDIT: Scores are with 32bit geekbench with vanilla 10.6.2 kernel i386
  14. Just finished install and setup on my P55M-UD2 & i5. I Used EmpireEFI and a retail disk, then did update to 10.6.2, installed various kexts, and used the myHack installer from the CD. In the end, Sound, LAN, Graphics, all work BUT my clock is running fast, and my CPU is detected at 2.8GHz (no overclock yet) My clock is running at almost twice the speed of the clock in my Mac Pro sitting right next to it using the Date&TimePreferences. 60seconds go by for every 35 real seconds. One of these computers is traveling at 81% the speed of light!! HPET is enabled and in 64bit mode (have tried both). Using the DSDT.aml from tonymac's blog list. Sleep and presumably speedstep are working and enabled in BIOS. Flash videos seem to play fine in Safari (fully updated) so I don't seem to see any odd effects of the clock. But I ASSUME any process relying on acurate timing will be skewed (Geekbench Cinebench). Please help! I'm trying various bios settings and cpu features to try to fix it for now. tried booting with fsb=133 to no avail.
  15. If you have a computer that can burn an ISO file (windows can but it may need additional software), then you can use Empire EFI, which allows you to download a small file to burn to a CD. Then you boot from that CD, eject and insert a retail 10.6 disk, and continue with the Installation. After intall, you put back in the EmpireEFI disk and use it to boot the HDD you just installed onto. It is very easy. And the EmpireEFI disk has a package installer on it called myHack to allow you to boot without the disk. If you get a waiting for root device with EmpireEFI (assuming you're using the right one) then there is something wront with either your BIOS setup, your BIOS itself (check for update), your optical drive/hdd's bus (meaning try a different SATA header), or your media itself is f'ed up (try reburning it). When you say "which works, until I get a still waiting for root device error", do you mean to say you get to the chameleon bootloader screen, wait a min, switch the disk out for a retail installer, pressF5, and select your installer disk THEN get the waiting for rood device error??