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  1. All my posts seem to have dissapeared. What's the deal, yo? Disregard that, found *most* of them.
  2. Kiko normally doesn't do that kind of stuff unless the person asked for it (as far as I know), so I'm not going to touch this one.
  3. I find any difference between the two systems to be marginal, but on that note, I would agree with Stroke in that I would be running OS X on non-supported hardware, so it wouldn't be expected to perform as a supported OS would.
  4. Dear Ed

    Thread is pretty much dead, but for the sake of revival... I don't think this is a news site at all, much less a site for anything else. The attempts to revive InsanelyMac are admirable, and I must applaud those that are trying (since I believe in giving credit where credit is due), however to try and bring IM back may prove to be a futile exercise, considering how long it went before anybody did anything. Only time will tell.
  5. KextSpy

    You (and everyone with pcwiz computer for that matter) to learn terminal, gb2 windows or buy real macs.
  6. KextSpy

    I said it before, I'll say it again. Smug little . Just get the {censored} out.
  7. KextSpy

  8. KextSpy

    It's only grown because of individuals, such as pcwiz and yourself creating tools to dumb down the process. This creates an influx of noobs and causes problems to become redundant, creates veteran apathy and ultimately does nothing to help the community. I tip my hat for your effort, but honestly, dumbing down the process is not the way to do it.
  9. KextSpy

    Have you taken your own advice? If you were not aware, or you just forgot, I already posted... And wouldn't you know it, you responded Anyway, seems you're being overly smug over your little brouhaha earlier in the thread. Your weaksauce (in analogies and otherwise) fails to win any argument that there was to be had. It's your perogative on whether you post your app or not, but don't be surprised if this happens again.
  10. KextSpy

    Well, for somebody trying to plug an app, you're certainly being a smug little .
  11. A good joke?

    OSx86 Tools. KextSpy. iPC. Magnifique. MKext Tool. That is all.
  12. KextSpy

    First, more of a joking term than anything (I suppose crew would have made more sense). Second, no worries, sometimes a peek under the hood can be fun Third, why not use cli? The apps don't really make it more convenient, so much as less of a pain in the neck insofar as a learning curve. Different strokes for different folks I guess
  13. Dear Ed

    That's not really what I'm worried about (my account defaults to ip.board pro). I was thinking of making the post more verbose, airing everything in detail, but in keeping with what appears to be a small, but noticeable theme, a lesser degree of verbosity gets people reading, which makes any protest eventually more productive than hearing "tl;dr". I'm a rather casual user (as my post count would dictate), so the layout isn't a significant issue, but the speed boost from being on the no-frills layout is great for my needs
  14. KextSpy

    +1 Then again, I am biased against pcwiz and his cronies, mainly for half baked attempts to make things more "convenient". As well, if it pleases the peanut gallery, I have included a wonderful map of OSx86 tools, because gui wrappers may be nice, but actually learning commands is better (greets to stroke).
  15. Dear Ed

    94.45% dissatisfied with the new layout. Many posts calling for Insanely Beautiful to be the default. Are you going to listen or not?