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  1. Intel GMA 945

    Hi, i have a fujitsu siemens amilo pro v3505 with a Intel T7400(i dont have it yet is coming from china), intel gma 945, 2gb ram and intel 3945abg. The questions are.. Can i use Mac OS 10.10 with that Intel GMA? If not should i use the version 10.8? And the Intel 3945ABG works on any of that versions? (I have a Atheros AR5007EG, Im not using now but i can change) Thanks for the attencion!
  2. Mac Snow Leopard Grey Screen

    Thanks alot for all answers!
  3. Mac Snow Leopard Grey Screen

    So i can buy T7400?
  4. Mac Snow Leopard Grey Screen

    Forget i finnally could do it. I just make a bootabel image of iAtkos S3 V2 and unslect all option and just select ps2 controler efi.. and audio and thats it! Thabks for your attecion! Just an off topic ask could you tell me if is compatible T7500?
  5. Hi!Im using a similar computer (Amilo Pro V3505) and he always gives me errors. When i try install iAtkos S3 V2 he dont boot and i was searching for smbios667 but dont appear on the options list. Thanks for the attencion!
  6. Mac Snow Leopard Grey Screen

    So isn't necessary for me to buy T7400?!Which is best T2130 or T2050. Can i use T7300? And should i use chameleon bootloader?! And what kexts should i put on Extras folder? Thanks! Ok now i had that kernel panic! I gonna try reinstal without any additiinal kext.
  7. Mac Snow Leopard Grey Screen

    Ok, should i use T7400 ?! Cause my father tell me that i just gonna spend money.If i change to a T7400 my laptop obviously become more faster. I use laptop to games like Crossfire, for word and a few more programs. The programs gonna be much more faster or just a little bit? And can you tell me where i find the esscencial kexts? Remeber i had a ps2 keyboard and mouse. And if i buy should High Sierra work? I cant use myhack because its unssported on my virtual machine (mac 10.4). I aleardy try update the version but i cant do it on a virtual box. Resume: Should i buy T7400 ( which is the performance difference, it is compatible with my motherboard and if is were i find whit the compatiblity) Essencials kexts for snow leopard. Another way to install myhack without a mac. I have a Fujitsu Amilo Pro V3505 WL2 Thanks for you attention!
  8. Mac Snow Leopard Grey Screen

    Ok i gonna think about it.Im trying to remove languages but i cant! What i can do to remove files that i dont use and slim the instalation? I gonna use DropDMG to make the .dmg read/write. PS: Idk if my parents let me buy it... And also my windows xp instalation was giving me problems soo i change the wirless adapter to the normal and now is fine. (Now i have Intel 3945EG). Also my BIOS dont support VT-x, and my CPU should, but i try with symcmos and the value is changed but VT-x dont work(i saw on internet the value for my computer). If i buy T7400 should he support VT-x with symcmos?! I search on internet for Snow Leopard Amilo Pro V3505 and i find 2 guys saying the samething that me but he asks who to do and stop answering so i think maybe is intel gma 950 because he also had a different CPU and he install a retailed DVD 10.6.3! I find something! Someone who had a Amilo Pro V3505 says that he just need to select smbios 667, and all chipset drivers. Should i try with iAtkos S3 V2? About the CPUs can you tell me a lowcost CPU 64 bits Quadcore?!
  9. Mac Snow Leopard Grey Screen

    Well the version is 2.0 rc4 i think, i download today snow leopard but i cant put on pendrive because its more than 7,2gbs and my pendrive just have 7,2gb (He should have 8gbs). I try to erase the languages and just left my language and english but i cant because transmac dont let me erase nothing!(i think that i find a solution i gonna post back). About cpu i cant update cause im very young and i dont have money maybe later.
  10. Mac Snow Leopard Grey Screen

    Thanks for the answer! So i gonna try reinstal witha retail DVD and after i tell. I have a Intel Wirless Adapter 3945eg but i change it by atheros ar5007eg because i saw that is compatible. Also i change the cpu, previously it was Intel Dual core T2050 which is the best?! And did you know to use transmac without that error?! I remeber somthing im using a old versionof chamelion, can be this the problem?! I configure the pendrive inside of a virtual machine by restore the dvd image to a partition inside the pendrive, next i go to windows xp and put the boot archive and the Extras folder, based on this can anyone give me the necessary kexts to snow leopard and my configurations? One more thing, should snow leopard retail be booted by a pendrive of 8gb?!
  11. Hi there. Soo i was trying install mac at 4 days ago and finnaly today i can. I installed the Leopard and all works fin except the keyboard and ps2 mouse. And then i try a lot to put a .kext with transmac on windows xp cause im dual booting it.When i try to use Transmac i have the error"This drive is read only". Who i fix this?! This is my first question! The second i think is more hard. I have a Amilo Pro V3505 with 2gb ram and Intel GMA 945, a Intel Pentium T2130 idk the motherboard i aleardy try find the name but i couldnt with a Atheros ar5007eg wirless adapter. So i instal iAtkos S3 v2 but when i was booting(after installing) it he boots and starts make the sound of the animation video of snow leopard but THE SCREEN WAS GREY WITHOUT THE APPLE LOGO AND WITHOUT THE MOUSE JUST A GREY SCREEM. Well i try much flags but when i try GraphicsEnabler=No while the booting appears i recuve the message "you need to restart the computer" and i restart and gives again the same error. I think is some missing kext graphical but i cant add/remove kexts cause transmac give error! Thanks in advanced!