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    memory not reporting correctly

    here you go.. Send me MacBoX-1498.zip
  2. bifterx

    memory not reporting correctly

    thank you sir. awesome
  3. Hi I'm running a z370-g with an 8700k coffelake cpu I just upgraded my memory from 32gb (2 slots) to 64gb (4 slots) (all Ballistix Sport DDR4 2400). The BIOS recognises all the sticks correctly but High Sierra still reports it as 32GB in 2 slots only in System Information. I run a couple of monitor apps Memory Cleaner & iStatistica both of which tell me (in a round about way) that I have 64GB available. Is this simply a case of adding in to the SMBIOS section in Clover the correct memory config? The current config doesn't show anything and when I originally set this machine up back in December, I don't recall having to do anything here, I think it High Sierra just detected the 32Gb correctly off the bat. Sorry if this is a bit simplistic. Cheers Rob
  4. ok that was wierd, for the first few boots - it wasn't picking up the card - no drivers load and the card reporting no name with Vendor: nvidia with 6Mb (???) of VRAM. Now all rosy. 11Gb is ALOT better than 6Mb!
  5. yes seems ok now, can reboot/shutdown/power off etc. I'm assuming the current setup with no dsdt will not run the nvidia drivers?
  6. OK, reflashed the BIOS to 0605 - booted from USB but only to installer, ran disk utility on SSD, selected startup disk, and now back to desktop, inserting updated EFI.
  7. I'll go lockstep with your setup. ASUS Uk now showing 0606 updated today https://www.asus.com/uk/Motherboards/ROG-STRIX-Z370-G-GAMING-WI-FI-AC/HelpDesk_BIOS/
  8. nuts. came back this morn and the machine had restarted back to clover boot. won't boot again. prohibit symbol. stops at PTID sensors: started. won't boot boot from USB. The only thing I changed from the new EFI and boot loader was added Rehabmans HW monitor kexts.
  9. phew, that was a bit of a butt clencher for a while! I had to change the CSM settings in the the bios from Legacy Only to UEFI and Legacy - dont know how/why it was set to legacy only, that allowed the boot from USB. Up to Desktop - swapped in new EFI folder etc. Success! Thanks for the help Glasgood - Im conscious that this isn't meant to be a support line so many thanks. Just as an aside, whilst watching in verbose mode, the boot sequence takes a long time as it goes through this check multiple times (each time takes a while) apfs_vfsop_sync:2928: failed to finish all transactions in sync()! (err 16) this appears to be related to TRIM being enabled by default on an SSD - whether it supports it or not. (the EVO 960 does support it) but that seems to be the big holdup during boot. Anyway Thanks again. Cheers Rob
  10. yep tried that, the main problem is that it just won't boot from USB, throws the same error at the same point. I've got no way of checking its actually booting from the device - is there anyway of stepping through the boot, i can see ACPI errors shooting past.
  11. that seems to be me trouble, I cant boot from the USB - in fact Im not sure its actually trying to boot from the USB, its to the same point in verbose mode which is PTIDSensors: started. stays there for a minute then symbol - do disk activity light either i saw the thing about Intel too. also that 10.13.2 already mitigates the issue and that 10.13.3 will do more http://appleinsider.com/articles/18/01/03/apple-has-already-partially-implemented-fix-in-macos-for-kpti-intel-cpu-security-flaw
  12. oh snap. cant boot at all now. get prohibited symbol. verbose seems to show 'still waiting for boot device' I cant even boot from the USB. it throws the same error (although after different things) is it worth changing the EFI folder on the stick to the pre install version ?