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  1. While ago I bought Edimax EW-7318USg usb wifi adapter and I cant manage to make it work. There are drivers on its website (http://www.edimax.com/en/support_detail.ph...1&pl2_id=44) but there are two versions. Tried both and still no recognition from the SL 10.6.6 OSX. Any one have this problem? Is it possible to get this adapter to work on my Hack SnowLeo 10.6.6 or not? Thanks, S@
  2. Hey, I just got apple bluetooth keyboard and I need to make the FN button and EJECT botton work. I got myself Sharp Keys 3 program (its a registry hack) that can remap keys. So now I need someone to tell me what is the key address of this buttons, a hex or something. There is program built in that let you press button to discover it but its not recognizing this two keys. Any thoughts? Thanks, S@
  3. possible to install on h55 chipset ?

    Just a quick question, hoping for quick short answer. Is it possible on GA-H55N-USB3 mb to get the ONBOARD HDMI (or DVI) to get 1080p on my tv, (to get OSX work properly?) I don't want to get extra Graphic Card. Is is possible to use the onboard Intel H55 HD Graphic to work? S@
  4. 4870 turns off second display after boot up?

    When I start the PC I can see everything on my second screen (using HDMI) till the desktop itself. I even see the command lines in -v while loading then just when I need to see the wallpaper and taskbar and everything it turns off the second display. Can someone tell me what might be the problem? Im on Snow Leo 10.6.2 Thanks, s@
  5. I successfully installed this on P5Q3. Updating went good and except the typo about running last script in the pdf everything is clear as the sun. After that I applied the new PC EFI and the change for the ATI (although didn't see any changes). I also applied kext for the sound card to work. Everything works fine except I cant find answer to this. Is it possible that I can use monitor and TV as I use in Win 7? My card have DVI, VGA (D-SUB) and HDMI outputs. I have Sapphire HD4870 - 1GB. And big thanks to lanT for the good job. Best regards, skull@
  6. I get Can't find Mach_kernel when I try to start the bootloader. What should I do? Thanks, S@
  7. Core 2 Quad Q9550 8GB Apacer Asus P5Q3 Ati HD4870 1gb
  8. I tryed iPC 10.5.5 and iAtkos7 and they same act same. As soon as I boot from CD I hit F8, type -v and then after half screen of lines my pc restarts. I installed the same iPC CD month ago and everything was fine. I haven't changed bios or stuff and don't know what is the problem. I started iDeneb distribution and its going fine but cant boot after the installation. Someone knows the problem with restarting? Thanks, skull@
  9. Is there post with step-by-step what should I do and which kext/pkg/files should I start first, second, third. ? I have Asus x1950xt on P45 with iDeneb 10.5.6. Thanks.
  10. Does this means I can install it pre/while setup or after setup(osx running)?
  11. What does "Install the DSDT patch with HPEF (force recompile)" means? I got it on the HCL site for my motherboard (Asus P5Q3). + Am I able to install kext with the installer? (since I can't boot the MacOSX)
  12. P5Q3 - no luck so far.

    Intel Core 2 Quad Sapphire ATI HD 4780 ASUS P5Q3 5GB ram Tried so far: iDeneb 1.4 (10.5.6) iAtkos v.7 (10.5.7) iPC 10.5.6 Universal PPF5 Final 0707 patched bios from http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...136586&st=0 Set the HDD to AHCI Still every time the installation goes fine and after reboot I get Someone that actually managed to install on this configuration please get me some tips. I searched forum for P5Q3 and tried all suggestions and still this is the result. Thanks, skullmonkey
  13. ASUS P5Q3 install please ?

    Exactly the same here. Did you solve the problem?
  14. After installing (both iDeneb 1.4 and iAtkos v7) I get "BSD process name corresponding to current thread: unknown" and the screen start getting darker and darker in slide show. What could be the problem? I'm preety new at this (got iDeneb on my old PC) I'm on Core 2 Quad ATI HD 4870 Asus P5Q3 (set my HDD in AHCI mode) Thanks. ps: I googled this and couldnt find anything.
  15. So... is this only for nForce users od it will work on my Asus P5B Delux motherboard...? S@