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  1. editopen

    Welcome to Darwin!

    Here's one from me..... Enjoy!
  2. editopen

    need help with a widget design

    I just had a little play around with your file. You could integrate the CD covers like I have, with them stacking up, then going to the 'next-to-play', in full view, and then a 'now-playing' which is larger.... also I just envisaged a drop down transparency; but that's in the DHTML rather than the design... Hope this helps; I know it's very very sparse but you get the idea.
  3. editopen

    Make a website

  4. editopen

    Web Application/Site Languages

    I'm all for a minimalist/modern approach - for me it's HTML X,D & CSS, AJAX for when you want to tightly integrate style with function to create something that is web only, not just flat-design; it gets you thinking in a different way. And RoR for app dev (which is infrequent...). Those guys at 37Signals have got the exact idea of web-development, they are 100% correct all of the time
  5. editopen

    Help Compressor 2.1 don't works

    I got the whole studio from Demonid.... downloaded the .dmg mounted and used the provided serial.... Then I just custom installed, excluding all the ridiculous garageband loops and it worked. i have it running on G5, G4, and Macintel. I can seed if u like. It took about 4 days to Dload, but well worth it.... (admin - I have not linked to the torrent :pirate2: )
  6. editopen

    Final Cut Studio Powerhouse

    Thanks so much for your time on this.... I find all of this really interesting - the whole project management thing is a great concept; all the collabortaion to slowly build a massive piece of technology that is related total real world and professional practice... not to mention all the creative elements building an app like this implies. Please post more - I think discussion about these elements of software construction and managment is great for a site like osx86project thanks again
  7. Again Mash, great work by all! - Look forwards to it a lot....
  8. editopen

    Final Cut OSX86

  9. editopen

    iTalk Ad

    probably made by someone who makes apple ads at work - just knocked this up in their spare time
  10. editopen

    Final Cut Studio Powerhouse

    Why has no one written anything in here? I thought it was quite an interesting topic.... guess I was wrong Looks like no one can help me....
  11. editopen

    Powerbook M9689LL/A

    If it is a Powerbook, and not MacBookPro it will run all versions of FCP - the only speed issues will be caused by your processor (actually i'm assuming that it is a Ti/Al powerbook, maybe it isn't.....
  12. editopen

    Attack of the Clones!

    Will people buy it though? It is not the easiest thing to get going and the people who can get it going already have beacuse they are real interested in getting it done themselves, on hardware they can trust, beacuse they owned it running Windows... I'm not sure that this is a big deal for Apple - the ipod generation of Apple users want the styled machines - the people who want OSX86 build it themselves. I see it posing zero threat to Jobs and his team.
  13. I had all of the above problems as well as the fact that the temp had burt the flat panel all along where the Func.keys are - called Apple, within 20mins there was a UPS van outside my house waiting to take it away - I thought that was great. I haven't got it back yet tho. I will find out if they did anything about it tomorrow... fingers crossed
  14. editopen

    What is your Mac workflow?

    Quicksilver makes all the difference if u are using lots of apps quickley, at the same time.
  15. nice of u to say...........