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  1. XPS M1530 (help)

    Hey, Ik vroeg me al af of hier nederlandstaligen waren Ik zou zeggen dat je eenders welke distributie kan gebruiken. Ikzelf ben zeer geinstresseerd in deze laptop ook te kopen Maar is 1920X1200 niet te klein op dat scherm ?
  2. slow boot after update

    Hy, i followed these instructions to update my JAS install to 10.4.9. I wasn't able to download that kernel thingie from IRC though :s But now my laptop still boots, but in takes 10-15 minutes and about 5 minutes 90% cpu usage from kernel_task. Can anyone help ? I also downlaoded 10.4.11, but im too afraid to install that one as well ...
  3. Synaptics touchpad

    Hy, On my current install of JaS 10.4.8 (reinstall 55) i finally got video working, so now i'm looking to the minor tweaks. It's an asus M6V. I couldn't find any info on the type of touchpad in it, since i dont see it in the profiler. Anyways, the touchpad is working, but the tap to click feature isn't, and more important, the scroll wheel doesn't work. Anyone got a solution for this ? (a way to enable multi-touch would also do )
  4. Azalia audio

    Hy there guys, First of all, if already got a lot of help from this forum. I finally got my mobility X600PRO working with QE/CI. Now i'm looking into a solution for the audio. Output works great with azalia (the one that's in the jas 10.4.8 options), but no input, and no built-in mic. Is there any way to get this to work ?