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  1. ciao un 'ultima cosa, dopo la tua guita tutto ok ma non mi funzionava le usb di sinitra ne il bluetooth ne la webcam, poi da questo link: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=215233 ho downlodato il legacy LegacyHdx18.kext.zip e installato, al riavvio panico, schermata che devo chiudere e riavviare, po un 2 riavviii vien fuore una finestra che mi dice che ha trovato una nuova interfaccia (il luetooth0 provo a metter le usb di sinitra e funziano e la webcam anche!!!. solo che quanto spengo il pc e lo riavvio, o mi fa di nuovo u 2 volte la schermata che si blocca tutto, o altrimenti ogni volta di nuovo trova il nuovo device bluetotth etc. non sai come risolvere questo? a te tifunziona le usb di sinistra ed la webcam? se si come hai risolto questo? grazie TANTE
  2. Grazie per il post, tutto he funziona meno che la webcam.. a te funziona? se si mi mandi il kext?
  3. NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT

    Hello can you tell me what distro worked for you to install osx86 on acer 9920g? can you send me the kext? I have put dell 1390 wireless
  4. 1) I instaled ideneb v1.3 (10.5.5) then upgraded to 10.5.8 via ideneb combo update. 2) Hello, do you have Nvidia 8600M GT full QE/CI working? if yes, how could you let it work? with what driver or kext? because as far I could find over the web if you have full QE/CI working, then you have the shutdown problem as everyone else here in the world. but if you have full QE/CI working and you can shut down properly, the let us know. the problem we have at shut down is that it not colete shut down, it gous everything off, but power light still remain, so the only way to close is then keep pressed the power button for 3 seconds about. regarding your question for the VGA, I can say, yes it will work, I could with mine.
  5. sleep kills airport (broadcom bcm43xx)

    Hello, can you please email me the file (IO80211Family.kext.zip) or give me a link out from the insanelymac please? the portal doesn't work the link to download the file... thank you did you get the chance to have this file ? can you send it to me? IO80211Family.kext.zip thank you
  6. Hello can you tell me what distro of osx did you use before applying all this kext? Can you tell me what cd 123 you use? can you post it to me?
  7. Hello how did you sucessfully installed OSX86 on the lenovo 0769? with iaktos or ideneb? and what version?
  8. Fujitsu Siemens V5505

    hello, does the audio and expecially the internal bult-in mic work on your OSX86 in your esprimo v5505 with your method? because with my method i have bluetooth working, so we might help each other and you send me the file from you mac for audio and I send you for bluetooth.... thank you
  9. Conexant HD Audio

    hello, did you manage to let the v5505 esprimo notebook, to let work the audio and the internal built-in microphone? internal mic does not work i have installed ideneb v1.4 there is a way to create a kext from codec dump? or can you tell me how you manage to let work on osx86?
  10. Fujitsu Siemens V5505

    Hello, I have installed with Ideneb 1.4 (osx 10.5.6) do you think if I install the ideneb combo 10.5.8 will be fine? also I can get the audio to work but not the microphone or the mic-in, yours it's working? can you sen me the kext please, in exchange I might have found a solution for wireless to work, but didn't try yet
  11. Full 7.1/5.1 on ALC888 @ Abit IP35 Pro... Anyone?

    here it is: (I spent 2 days searching over the net to understand where it is this file of ncx5 alc888 linux dump) http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...rt=#entry542770 AppleHDAPatcher v1.20 + ncx5 ALC888 dump I will also attach the file here: ncx5_ALC888.codec.dump.txt