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  1. Amazing what you did mate, thanks a lot, I read your topic with a lot of attention, as well as the other one on the Cintiq, where your name occured many times ! I'm considering buying next week a second hand cintiq companion 2 with i7, 512Go SSD, 16Go RAM and intel Iris 6100. The thing is that there is a broadwell processor inside, from what i understood, it gets a bit tricky to deal with it. Anyway i will give a try. To make illustration and work for 2D animation, I prefer working with OSX. By the way, do you know if there is a chance that I can run El capitan or High Sierra with it instead of Yosemite ? Thanks again for the great work you manage to do ! Cheers.
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    Hey guys, Amazing work what you did. I read all the pages (many pages !) because i am considering buying a second hand companion 2. The model i'll buy will be the one from the last generation, with i7, 512 SSD and 16Go of RAM. What I understood is that is a bit tricker to do it with the broadwell processor, so I am going to put my hands into it and try to find a way to make it work. From what I read, some people got this thing done with the Broadwell i7. Anyway, as i don't have the machine yet, I cannot try yet. But in a week I will have it and give it a try. My questions are - is there some people who succed doing it with this kind of proc. ? - do people finally found a solution about the issue about the volume buttons ? - And also, how long does it takes approximatively do get all these things done ? (for that, I know it really depends on people abilities with computer things, knowledge about hackintoshing, and so on. It will be my first experience on running a hackintosh) Thanks a lot again for what you did.